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Summer Gifts

Jul 23, 2020 | Love | 0 comments

Our daughter came visiting the other day with her husband, son and a bouquet of summer flowers. They stayed for a few hours of conversation, game playing and a light mid-afternoon lunch. It was a great gift for us all. . . . Three days later we are all in our own worlds again, but the flowers are still here on the dining room table shining their light and life for all to see. The summer gifts of these amazing reminders of joy and celebration are inspiring me to a greater intention to be a flower, one who brings beauty and life wherever I am for as long as I am.

As I continue to reflect on all the chaos that’s flowing in, around and through the world today, I sense we’re being asked to remember the summer gifts that are here and the invisible energies that inspire them. I also sense we’re being  reminded to focus on the love and compassion that’s ever present so we can awaken to the wonder and beauty in all and everything. Might the darkness we’re presently in help us see and enlighten our lives? What gifts are in the flowers and trees that can help us flow in the breeze and face our fears with compassion and ease?

Summer is ordinarily a time when we get out of doors, out from under the workday world to stretch our bodies on hiking paths, in lakes, rivers, oceans and other places that beckon us to re-create. It’s a time when we get together with friends, family and others to celebrate life in ways that bring us close and inspire healthy activities. This year however, an invisible virus is roaming the planet looking for habitats within us which will make us sick and even destroy us. In response, we have to learn how to diminish fear in ourselves and enhance the gifts of Love & Life!

What if Life is like a mirror? What if Life reflects back to us what we think into it? What if we are cocreators of everything we experience, even pandemics? What if we are reflections of the present moment, of what we judge, of what we’ve lost or had taken from us, of our dark nights of the soul? What if we are reflections of our greatest acts of violence and our greatest acts of compassion?  Would this change the way we go about diminishing fear in the world? Would  this  prompt us to add more hope, forgiveness, understanding, love, compassion, joy and peace?

Most of us don’t seem to understand that we are cocreators of this world. We don’t realize that we are both human and divine beings, multisensory beings that share the Divine DNA of creation. We don’t realize that we create our own realities, both individually and collectively. We get stuck in binary, either/or thinking patterns rather than stepping across a threshold into multisensory thinking that gives conscious attention to our intentions. When we  put our many why’s under the microscope of love and reverence; new awakenings appear like summer flowers.

In our present pandemic, I have not heard one person ask the question that could start a new conversation. We’re still stuck in the either/or binary world of good and bad, them and us, right and wrong, enslavement and freedom, life and death, fight and flight. What would happen if we’d take ownership of our part to play in this drama and change the way we think, feel, act and love? What if we’d give thanks for the opportunity to set new priorities, new perceptions, new attitudes and ideas? What if we could see everything as part of a divine whole, a common unity?

I suspect most of you reading this will think I’m completely off my rocker. But as I sit in my rocker and ponder the Universe, the Angels, Archangels and all the Company of Heavens; the Galaxies, Suns, Moons, Stars and Planets in their courses seen and unseen, known and unknown; the quantum energies that invisibly create the visible and invisible, I wonder. . . . What if Life really is like a mirror? What if what we see is only a small fraction of what is? What if there’s more to it that we don’t see and, what if we are so much more than we appear to be?  

  • Take the opportunity today to sit with some of the questions that are asked here and ponder the consequences of your thoughts, words and actions. What’s the gift for you?
  • Close your eyes and reflect on how Love can overcome your fears and pray, with every breath, for an awareness of this lovingness that’s present in you and the world. 
  • Become a flower, one who radiates beauty, life, light and love. Remember to remember that this is the Essence of who you truly are, have been and always will be. . . . Really!


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