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Silence in the Depths

Aug 12, 2020 | Soul | 0 comments

How often have you  been on a beach with a lot of people sunning themselves, playing, wading, splashing and enjoying the water? How many people do you remember swimming over their heads, diving into the depths? I’ve been to lots of beaches and have noticed that the vast majority of people never even get into the water let alone go beneath the surface of it. Boating also allows us to enjoy the water on the surface which is fun and sometimes challenging but is a very different experience from being underneath the surface, in the depths. 

The same applies when looking at human activity on the land, on the surface of things. There’s lots of movement, busyness, noise and seemingly important ‘stuff’ going on but at the end of the day what new inner knowing’s have been discovered underneath and within? What’s uncovered concerning the inner motivations, feelings, wonderments and unresolved conflicts in our lives? How does going through the motions without inner reflection bring us closer to discovering who we really are, where we’ve come from, where we’re going and why we’re here?

I was fortunate to be raised in and around the many lakes of Michigan and to become part of the underwater search and rescue team of the local fire department at the age of sixteen with our local scuba diving club. Getting under water and even under the ice in the winter changed my perspective on life. Early on I came to recognize that there was a lot more going on beneath the surface of things than I could ever imagine. Being in a sunken ship underwater is a very different experience than being in a floating ship on the surface.

One of the wonderful and curious things about breathing underwater, in the depths of our being, is the silence that’s ever present. I go swimming with my grandson and now that he enjoys being underwater I’ve asked him to notice the difference in the noise above the surface and below it. Bringing this very observable difference to his attention was an insightful revelation for him. He likes the silence and the different perceptions from the depths. He’s learning about outer and inner realities, about what goes on inside and out, about swimming in the depths.

Without being aligned with our thoughts and feelings in a conscious way we simply bounce off the stimuli that run into us moving through life. We wonder why we’re mad, glad, sad or afraid. Much of the time we don’t even realize the anxiety and stress we’re experiencing which eventually leads to manifestations that debilitate us and further add to our unconsciousness. It’s only when we’re willing to dive into the unconscious waters within that we’re able to quiet our minds and intuitively float in the sea of tranquility leading to an awareness of sacred unity. 

Fortunately I learned to awaken to the silent depths in my youth and to the  soulful inner world during my adult years. What about you? How often do you yearn for a slower, more enlivening and gentle way of being in the world? How aware are you of the inner spiritual realities that call to you without giving them any attention? What is this moment asking of you?

  • Take the opportunity in this moment to give witness to your inner landscape. What’s asking for attention? Are you recognizing the spirit in the matter?
  • Breathe deeply and rest in your exhales. Feel the divine energies silently flowing in, around and through you!
  • Bring a feeling awareness to your heart, your stomach, your back, neck, shoulders and your breathing. What are the messages you’re receiving from these receptors? 
  • What’s the ‘still small voice’ of your soul asking of you? Are you listening, following, discerning, trusting? Hmm. . . .Smile on. . . .


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