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Showing Up

May 22, 2017 | Presence | 1 comment

When I’m inspired, connected and seeing into the possibilities that are ever present, I experience everything as a miracle. Here my Inner Being connects to everything. From this space all I see and feel seems to be miraculous; an outpouring of outstanding and unusual events catching my attention in beautiful ways. It’s the snow falling from the sky, the smile of a child, the bursting forth of new life in Spring, the leaves turning from green to red, yellow and orange in the autumn, a couple holding hands, each breath, clean water and so on.

When I show up with an open heart, mind and a peaceful presence, everything seems to glow with a strange, wonderful and miraculous invitation to the wonder of Life in all it’s mysterious abundance. People, places, situations and things seem to have a vibrancy that I miss when I don’t show up. What do I mean by showing up? It’s that inner space of surprise that I had as a young child before I began to take everything for granted. It’s the excitement that we all have when we know in our not knowing that Life happens here. That there are miracles in our midst.

An hour ago I was ambivalent about showing up here on this page. I didn’t know what to write or even if I wanted to write. It then occurred to me that it’s only when I show up here that anything happens on this page. I reflected on all the words that pour forth when I make the commitment to show up and intend something, anything, to happen. My mind wandered to all I’ve created in my life and all I haven’t. I wondered at the difference between the roads traveled and untraveled. The insight came that True Life only happens within the  miracle of showing up.

How many events in your life do you attend without showing up? You attend because of an obligation but don’t allow yourself to engage, to show up. You see others enjoying themselves but you block the aliveness for a hundred different reasons and wonder why you don’t have a good time. On the other hand, how many times have you gone somewhere without wanting to, dropped your barriers and experienced the wonder of the moments? Miracles are ever present even when we are not. Do you see this intriguing insight? Do you sense your response-ability?

I’m continually learning from children who, in their early years are filled with surprise and delight at the most simple things. Sometimes I can join with them in the miracle of the moment while other times I unconsciously choose not to because of my dis-position, my dis-missive, dis-appointing and dis-placed attitudes. Here there are no miracles, no wonderment, no delight, no interconnectivity. I’m physically present but mentally, emotionally and spiritually absent. I’m showing down, not up. How often do you do the same? How often do you dis-appoint yourself?

As we continue the practice of self observation and Self Remembering, we can observe how we show up and how we don’t. We can remember who we are at our core, in our Essence rather than staying stuck in our controlling and judging egoic operating system. In Self Remembering we’re always in presence, always showing up, all ways open to the miracles and mysteries of the moment. It’s how we bring Life to life. It’s seeing with the eyes of a child, with a beginners mind, with a smiling heart, with surprise and delight for the whole of creation. What gifts, what opportunities, what miracles we discover when we insist on Showing Up.

  • The next time you notice the lack of wonder in your life, stop and drop into your beginner’s mind. Show up to the possibilities that are right here in the moment. Wash the dishes with the wonder of having soap, hot running water at the turn of a knob and abundant food to eat.
  • When greeting a stranger, family member, an acquaintance or an old friend, show up and see them with new eyes and a smiling appreciative heart. Notice how long you can stay in this co-creative state of grace and the aliveness it brings. Notice too when you stop showing up.
  • Awaken to the wonder of Life: take a walk, write in your journal, engage that project you’ve sidelined. Show up with the everyday miracles right here in front of you. Experience the miracle of simply showing up. Allow yourself the miracle of being filled with surprise and delight at the so called ordinary things of life and become more fully alive. 
  • Show up in front of a mirror and wonder at the miracle of YOU with no regrets, no judgements, no dis-appointments. Cherish the life you live. Show up. Embrace Life’s abundance . . .

1 Comment

  1. Geli Hartmann

    my childhood was filled with discipline, work and study, punished unless perfect in every way. I escaped by reading and artistic and musical activities to lift my spirit. The good was that I did not develop an EGO, so now no need to loose what was never there. Hence my awakening was quicker. Great article and insights as always I appreciate your contributions. Peace Angelika


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