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I was joyfully observing a game of hide and seek being played by my wife and five year old grandson the other day. He was getting a little frustrated at not being able to find ‘Gma’ in the various rooms of the house. I saw him stop, and with a loud and commanding voice yell, “Show Yourself.” After I stopped laughing, I realized he had uttered a marvelous and profound teaching.

How many times have you hidden your true authentic self because you didn’t want to reveal your true values, unpopular positions, weaknesses, and underdeveloped parts? Have there been times in your life where you didn’t trust yourself enough to act on an intuitive hunch and missed an opportunity? Have you ever been afraid to ‘blow your image’ and be yourself? What are the consequences of not showing your true self?

Authentic and awakened leadership is about going beyond what is, having the vision of something better and moving to manifest it. This requires showing yourself for who you are and who you’re not. It also requires a willingness to stand up for what you value, to be the Who that is You and live a life of integrity. Can you remember a time when you were asked to ‘show yourself’ and what it cost you to do so and not?

I remember, as a Board of Directors member, listening to the CEO speak at one of the meetings. I completely disagreed with his assessments. When he finished his rant, no one moved or made a comment. I could feel the adrenalin flowing through my body and knew I had to speak. I didn’t want to fight. I simply wanted him to know that I disagreed and that there were other perspectives to be considered. When I said “I disagree.” looking directly at him, he took a moment and said, “Tell us about your disagreements.”

Had I walked out of that room without standing up for what I believed, I wouldn’t have respected my dignity, his dignity, or the dignity of those he was talking about. I showed myself, ventured into the unknown, and discovered something about myself and life. In that moment there was an influx of service, love, and authenticity. In our wholeness we can inspire people’s hearts and minds and take them and ourselves to a higher level.

So many of the paths laid out before us are overly worn. They’ve become outdated and cannot lead where we’re being called to go. We’re living in an era where new ways of being and doing are required. When we listen deeply to the weeping of the world we will find new paths and venture into the unknown. As you listen, you will follow the inner dimensions of life and connect with your deepest held values. You will begin to embody what’s being asked of you in the moment. You will ‘Show Yourself’ and leave a trail . . .

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