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How do you react when your don’t get your way? What kind of thoughts show up when you plan on something happening and it doesn’t? Where does your mind go when your opinion is challenged by another person? Do you find yourself arguing with what is and what is not? Do your reactions bring your energy up or down?

All of us suffer, from one degree to another, from the paradox of our old reptilian and mammalian brain and our new brain called the neocortex. We also suffer from the split between the left and right hemispheres of the brain which process different types of information in different ways. We react unconsciously most of the time. Do you agree?

In order to live a more balanced and enlightened life, we need to wake up to the paradox of the old and the new. As we awaken to our ability to think more consciously, we gain greater control of how we live, move, and have our being. We stop being jerked around by our animal instinctual nature and live more fully into our human, intuitive, and divine nature. We become more of who we really are. How have you experienced this?

Our lives change when we learn to respond rather than react. Reactivity is our default position. Response-ability is the new way of dealing with conflict, the unknown, and the mystery of who we are. When we react, we are in the old fight flight mode. When we respond, we move to a more rational, transrational, and multisensory mode of being.

I was working on a project with another person to take possession of their property awhile back. We negotiated a deal that took longer than I expected. Because it was what I wanted, I was willing to be patient and understanding with the other person’s issues and vacillations. The day before the contract was to be signed, the other person left a message on my phone telling me the deal was off. I was stunned.

Was I disappointed? Yes. Was I righteously indignant. Yes. Did I react? No. I simply sat down with a cup of tea, pondered my thoughts, and kept the best ones. I meditated on the possibilities and surrendered to what had come to pass exactly as it did. I wanted to understand what happened so I returned the call. I was able to be empathetic, smile, wish them the best, and move on. I made a choice to embrace what was with kindness.

What does this point to for you? Could it point to seeing the world through the eyes of a loving companioning mind, through the illusions of me to the reality of we? Could it point to the beauty and wisdom of the moment? When we awaken our ability to raise our vibrational frequency in alignment with abundance rather than scarcity, something better will always be on its way. See with a new mind? Open your heart to the frequency of love? Give thanks? Do a bun dance? Embrace what is? Hmm? Is this enlightenment?

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