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Seasons of Change

Jul 24, 2019 | Change | 1 comment

In these last days of July, I find myself in a significant season of change along with Mother Nature and billions of other creatures in our attempts to find a new balance in this season of climate, political, social, psychological and spiritual change. After spending over half a year in the placid four corners area of Colorado, I’ve moved back to the hyped up Denver metro area to suffer the many imperfections of my character. Having lost my inner gyroscope, I’m now seeing how much work still remains for me.

I’m presently sitting in a place where the television is blaring, where people are drinking and talking and where there’s free wi-fi. To say the least, I’m having an extremely difficult time writing these words because my concentration is compromised as is my ability to make appropriate comments on anything. With this paragraph I’ve decided to embrace this season of change rather than fight it. I’ve decided the imperfections in this environment and within me need to be honored so I must quit writing at this time.

You see, there are times everyday when a season of change shows itself. The flowers bloom and then they die. The rivers overflow then recede. The politicians tell the truth and then mislead us as they are misled. The wind blows and then it’s still. The baby laughs and then it cries. The perfections and imperfections of life are invisible and then  visible. The truth rules and then it lies. The criminals lose and win again. People are rowdy and then they’re quiet. The seasons change and, so do we. Hmm. . . .

  • Wherever you are, notice when it’s time for the season you’re in to change and how you navigate this change. Notice your resistance and your receptivity to it. . . .
  • Take note of the imperfections of life that become visible to you. Become aware of how you work and play with them. . . .
  • Is this awareness of inner and outer change important for you? Why and why not?
  • Ponder the reality of seasons within seasons within seasons within seasons. . . .  changes within changes within changes within changes. . . . What are your insights?


1 Comment

  1. RS Morris

    This describes my feelings. Empty. Directionless. The fog has crept into my mind and stolen my muse.


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