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It’s curious that the Latin word for savor is sapore, akin to sapere, to taste, which is the Latin word for sage; to have good taste, wisdom through reflection, experience and good judgement. This ordinarily creates a quality of enjoyment and delight. It touches the wisdom of being present with the essence of what’s in the moment. It’s transmitted through the five senses and beyond. How often do you savor where you are? How often do you savor who you are?

I was sitting outdoors a few days ago attending to the park, the people and activities around me when I noticed the sky. Out over the trees and buildings in the distance was a huge  dome made by a brilliant ground to ground rainbow. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was spectacular in its height, breadth, depth, symmetry and color. I found myself savoring and becoming completely immersed in the open moment than lingered on. It spoke to me of love and serenity.

It helped me reflect on how often we hold on tightly to the inner turmoil that goes on in our lives and how eventually we find a way to let go lightly. When we let ourselves move into the essence of what goes on inside, around and through us, we taste the moment in a way that can be extraordinary. This sometimes leads into irresistible bliss which takes savoring to another level. How often do you allow yourself to rest in and delight in these ever present gifts?

What I’m discovering over and over again is that the design within us and all of creation is amazingly beautiful, and when we turn toward the depth of any moment, we can experience wonder. It simply requires a practice anyone can develop: Pause when something good and beautiful catches your attention. It could be the sound of rain, the changing clouds in the sky, a special stone, a smile, a ray of light, the sway of a tree or the enthusiasm in a child’s eyes.

In the attending moment, rather than turning away and getting on with something else, Stop and melt into savoring the moment. Allow yourself the gift of the moment that can make your day and change your life. Make it a daily practice. The moments are ever present. We however are not and yet, we can change this anytime we choose. We can design our lives in such a way that savoring and sage-ing become what we do and how we become more alive.

When we’re open and receptive to the journey that unfolds in and around us, aliveness becomes the grist of our practice. We’re not in a hurry to move onto the next thing. We’re interested in the depth of this thing, this interaction, this invitation into the essence of the moment. The sweetness and even the ache of our lives opens to us. We connect with inner  Being. This presence and lovingness then evolves not only our hearts but those of all humanity. It awakens us to our interconnectivity with Life and the joyful abundance that’s always here….

  • Quiet your mind and slow way down. Look around and notice something that’s good and beautiful in your environment. Melt into savoring it. What’s it inviting you into?
  • When you’re outdoors today walking or sitting, be aware of what catches your attention and rest in it for awhile. Savor the beauty and goodness of this co-creation and embrace it within.

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