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Resonance and Wholeness

May 30, 2018 | Wholeness | 0 comments

The other day while working on this project, I opened the sliding glass door. Through the screen and into my essence came the sound of rustling leaves from a century old cottonwood tree that lives outside. The awareness of this sound resonated with an inner peace that had been growing within all morning. It drew me into a silent stream, a flowing breeze, an ancient tree and an awareness of what a resonance of wholeness can actually be. It also took me into a remembrance of other places and spaces.

This resonance and feeling of wholeness became an awareness I realized was always here and available to everyone. It only requires stopping the mechanical wheels of our minds to be present and available to the wonder and mystery of Life that’s always here and now. It spoke to me of a common unity with the whole of creation; especially with those who are suffering, creating chaos and not touching the innate resonance within Nature that continually sings it’s songs of life, death, creativity and new life.

Quantum mechanics speaks of an indivisible whole which is our primary reality. It’s the subtle and universal reservoir of all life, the wellspring of all possibilities and the source of all meaning. It’s similar to Jung’s ‘collective unconscious’. David Bohm of London University called it the ‘implicate order.’ The explicit, external, visible, sensory world is a product of this invisible realm of all possibility and potentiality. My experience the other day, in reflection, ushered me into this landscape of fluctuating invisible patterns.

It also helped me remember that our cosmic environment consists of minute unseen waves and particles ever changing and rearranging; virtually existing and operating in relation to other invisible energies. What I experienced was not simply co-operating objects but events and processes of movements and energies. It was and always is a continuous creative field that traditionally has been called Spirit. What appears to be separate at the physical level is seamlessly interconnected within energy vibrations.

Diarmuid O’Murchu, in his fascinating book Quantum Theology says: “Wholeness, which is largely unmanifest and dynamic in nature, is the wellspring of all possibility. In seeking to understand life, we begin with the whole which is always greater than the sum of the parts; paradoxically, the whole is contained in each part, and yet no whole is complete in itself.” Unfortunately, most of us view our global village as an inert object to be exploited rather than as a living subject to be cared for with love and respect.

The revelation here from science, experience and contemplative life is that we all belong to a greater Whole in significant and integral ways. We discover our True Self and uniqueness not in isolated competitive individualism but in caring cooperation with the great evolutionary unfolding of our planet and universe. We, along with the entire creation are parts that contain the seed of the Whole, All Being, God, Self, Oneness. Here there’s an innate resonance within each part which is contained in the Whole.

In this mystery of knowing, within our not knowing, we are co-creators with this Great Creating. This means it’s time to let go of our monotheistic, patriarchal dogmas of the past as they no longer serve the emerging consciousness of our time. The wholistic and resonant consciousness that’s engaging the imagination and soulful presence of increasing numbers of people in the world is a call to find new ways of being and doing, not in confrontation and opposition, but in reverence, cooperation and peace.

From these places and spaces we’re being ushered into new horizons of wholeness, resonance, holiness, possibilities and potentialities. It’s as simple as listening to the leaves rustling in the trees and the birds singing songs that please. The ask is to stop, look and listen before we trip further into our dis-ease; to open our hearts, minds and hands to one another and to all creation. From here we can see beyond the externals to what’s within; to have interactions that resonate again and again and again. . . .

Sitting quietly by the stream I dream
A tree, rustling leaves, singing together with the breeze
Resonance, harmonizing as One. . . .

  • After you read this sentence, close your eyes and listen to what comes to you from the outside and inside. Listen for the resonance and wholeness with your five senses and beyond. Relax and feel the implicate order that flows in around and through you. . . .
  • As you move through your day, pause from time to time and simply experience the present moment and all that’s in it. Note your experience and give thanks. . .  
  • Spend slow quiet time in nature today, tomorrow and everyday. Notice the communion you experience within your True Self and your environment. What resonates? What are you transcending? What are you including? Breathe it in. Breathe it out, slowly….


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