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Do you remember when you danced just because you felt like it? For many of us this question takes us back to our childhood before we became self conscious of being judged by others and eventually by ourselves. It takes us into a time and space where life was fun and carefree; where we could hear the music that we lived in from before we were born. Does this sound insane or can you still sense the faint taste of it?

I remember a time as a seven year old child when my mom’s youngest sister called one summer afternoon to say she wanted to take me and some of her other nephews swimming at the lake. Mom said yes, let me know and told me to get ready because they would be right over. I went to my room in jubilant joy, took off my clothes and danced naked while looking for my swim suit. My inner music was playing joyfully.

My mother came in to see if I was ready to go and was horrified at seeing her little boy dancing naked in his room. She angrily shamed me so I’d never forget it. In that moment the music stopped and I began the long painful journey to recover it and my dance for freedom. I also need to say that I finally did recover the music and the dance. I’m now helping others recover their music and their dance for liberating freedom.

To recover is to save from loss, to restore to usefulness, to rescue and reclaim that which has been hidden. As you sit here reading these words, what’s been covered up in you that if you reclaimed it would bring more joy to you? What have you been hiding, repressing and denying that’s part of the music that stirs your soul? What might inspire you to literally dance and enter into a greater love of life? Feel it, remember it, let it flow.

Instead of saying ‘I’m damaged, I’m flawed, I can’t dance, I don’t remember,’ say ‘I’m enough, I’m rediscovering myself, I can dance, I remember, I’m starting over.’ Awaken to the beauty of the music that’s everywhere. Hear it in the wind, in the crickets and tree bugs that sing so often at night. Hear it in the cooing doves, the gurgling waters, the beat of your heart, the rhythm of your breath and the sound of your name. Shh. Listen.

And if you’re really bold, dance naked in your inner room and feel the  enthusiasm of your little boy or little girl as you embrace the wonder of creation and the freedom beyond shame and guilt. Dance in the privacy of your inner home where nobody’s there to judge and criticize you. Allow yourself to listen for the music that’s human and divine, that’s rhythmic and beyond time. Dance until you see, until we all be free . . .

  • Sit quietly and feel the beat of your heart. After a few moments open your attention to include the rhythm of your breathing. Listen for the subtle flow of them together.
  • When the time is ripe, listen to a favorite piece of music that stirs your soul. Close your eyes and feel it in your body; move with the rhythm of the music. Go with the flow of it.

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