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Every year in the United States “we the people” celebrate Independence Day. It recalls the signing of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain by its thirteen colonies in the northeastern part of our continent in 1776. It also recalls a declaration for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It declares “self evident truths,” and implies the Golden Rule which directs us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. How are you living this way?

For as long as I can remember I’ve felt like a stranger in a strange land. I’ve never fully lost the sense that there are invisible guiding forces present in our lives and that we are part of something much larger than we know. In this awareness God is the infinite atmosphere in which we all live. It’s the paradox of life, the mystery that holds all things together; where the end is the beginning and every opposite creates a whole. It’s the threshold of transformation.

Could it be that we’re living in a time when waking up to this reality is imperative for the sake of ourselves, future generations and the whole global community? Is it possible that we really are the one’s we’ve been waiting for and the new energy we’re receiving is creating the action necessary to unfold the larger plan? Have you noticed that when you set your hand to your true work there seems to be a subtle guiding force flowing in, around, and through you?

Could creativity come from receptivity and receptivity come from an inner/outer pulse that draws us all into something that seems beyond ourselves and yet is present within us?  Do you notice the difference between being in a receptive mode and a resistive mode? In the receptive mode we feel turned on, tuned in, ready and willing to engage life. In the resistive mode we feel turned off, tuned out, critical and unwilling to move beyond our self pity and judgements.

What if God is not the nefarious Big Daddy in the sky that judges and condemns but the very atmosphere and mystery in which we live and move and have our Being? What if our call is to simply receive this mystery, this energetic atmosphere and become co-creators of abundant life for all sentient and non sentient beings? What if we’re part of this aliveness, benevolence, creativity, delight and energy that’s flowing all the time? Can you feel the possibilities within?

As I sit quietly listening to the sound beyond the sounds I’m drawn into this mystery, the vortex of Life’s amazing abundance and creativity. As I set my hand to my work I’m inspired to openness and receptivity; to a greatness that’s beyond measure. The contrast of dark and light inform me with every breath to know Life as a mystical chain of Being; interconnected, entangled and infinitely participatory. What are you sensing? Where’s your creativity right now?

  • Relax and align yourself with receptivity. Breathe in a creative and benevolent affirmation.
  • Feel the aliveness that wants to bubble up through you. What does it point to in you?
  • Meditate on the many blessings you have received. Ponder how you can share them.
  • Envision practicing the Golden Rule with one significant person over the next twenty one days. Be in the receptive mode. Receive and give love and appreciation with a smiling heart….

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