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All the great spiritual teachers remind us that prayer of the deepest kind is a form of appreciation for what has already been received rather than a request or plea for something not yet experienced. It involves an inner understanding of one’s connection with the Source of Life and the co-creative entanglement that comes with this conscious awareness. Prayer is about alignment, attraction, and receptivity to your heart’s desires.

Gandhi implies that in admitting our weaknesses we allow strength to come. We’re able to take off the masks we wear and tap into the inner authenticity of soul. In this movement we become more receptive to our inner spiritual longings rather than the outer ego longings. This attracts the desires of the heart which ultimately satisfy in ways the more surface desires cannot. It’s letting go to let an inner presence flow.

Years ago I was on retreat at a conference center. After everyone in our group retired to bed I walked to the small auditorium away from the other buildings. A light was on so I walked into the empty space. I called out but no one was around. I noticed a piano in the front, walked to it, sat down and began to play. Caught in the longing of my soul I closed my eyes and allowed play and pray to co-mingle beyond thought into feeling.

My soul began to improvise and produce music that was simply in the moment. I felt like Stevie Wonder creating my own music without words, just rhythm, melody and harmony. I was transported into my own world of soul expression smiling and weaving in the night. After a timeless time I slowly completed the movement and gently stopped playing/praying. A cacophony of applause came from the auditorium. I opened my eyes.

In the seats before me were thirty young people applauding. I froze. After the applause ended the Youth Group leader came up, gave accolades and said: “We heard the music and came in. It was so moving. We thought you were blind as you played without opening your eyes. I hope it was alright. Could you play some more?” I thanked him, smiled humbly and walked into the night wondering about the power of a longing heart.

“It’s better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” Do you know this experience of the heart’s longing? Have you experienced prayer beyond words? Shh… Be still, open your heart and align with Source. Feel the power of inner Being pulsing through your system. Refresh your soul. Feel the flow of Life here, now.

*Center yourself and breathe. Close your eyes and simply rest, letting be, no asking . . .

*Without words feel the longing of your soul and the expansiveness of your Being . . .

*Relax and feel your frailties. Let the air of your breath flow to them in gratitude . . .

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