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Despite what we see and hear through our national media I believe that the walls between us and Love are breaking down. I also believe that Love is not a destination; it’s a continuum, a journey that IS and never ends. I’m seeing that it’s becoming more difficult to keep the armed guards and attack dogs at the boundaries of our hearts; to disown our lovers, ex-spouses, children, parents, so called enemies and friends by holding grudges, prejudices and mutual miseries. I’m also seeing a ground swell that’s calling for new ways of being together in Love.

What if God, spelled L-O-V-E, is drawing us together in new ways by using the contrasts between what we want and what we don’t want to show us the way. When you sit deeply in your heart of hearts, what really matters to you? When you’re with a loved one while they’re in deep suffering or dying are you concerned with the grievances you’ve argued about and the differences you’ve had or does all this fade away in the face of the Great Love you share with one another? Safety and security are not out there somewhere. They’re found here, in LOVE.

What if God Is LOVE, the ultimate meaning and mystery of Life whose center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere? What if LOVE is the Essence, the Source of all there is: Greater than the sum of it’s parts and innately a part of every part? What if ‘sin’ is simply not knowing this common union which results in separation, disconnection and alienation? What if this ‘knowing’ is the essential nature of enlightenment and the beginning of wisdom? What if we’re experiencing alienation as something not wanted while wanting Love, our True Self?

I remember how disconnected and angry I was with my mother even after her death. I also recall the inner healing I experienced five years later through an in-depth guided meditation. As I was able to experience her childhood suffering and abuse my heart was touched so deeply I wept for her, myself and all those who suffer generational wounds. This deep understanding led to an ongoing forgiveness and Love for All people in their struggles and confusions. It launched me on a journey into a deeper LOVE connection that continues to grow.

Have you ever sensed Love as not something you do but something you are? The transition from this narrow mindedness to an expanded mindfulness that YOU ARE LOVE is a quantum leap into a whole new way of Being. It’s the beginning of a realization that whatever we’re feeling is not about the other but about us. I’m responsible for my thoughts, beliefs, words and actions. I’m the one who can change me, no-one else. We’re the ones who can add more Love to the many recipe’s we’re mixed up in with open hearts, open minds and open hands.

How many times have you stepped into a Receptive Surrendering Mode to allow LOVE to affect you, change the way you think and operate as a victim or victimizer?  How often do you step outside your fears, expand your field of LOVE and open your heart to someone you  are estranged from or feel to be a stranger to? The practice of Love is to live into your humanity and divinity. It’s an ongoing practice of being Who You Really Are. It happens with Intention.

  • In the next few days meditate on “I AM LOVE.” Notice your resistance and receptivity to it.
  • As you interact with others, look into their hearts and quietly send LOVE to LOVE.
  • When you feel yourself taking issue with someone or something, stop and breathe, In LOVE.

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