The present day visit of Pope Francis to these United States during the Autumn Equinox of 2015 in the Northern Hemisphere is a celebrated release from the banal self centered chatter of our U.S. presidential candidates and the staid, small profile silence of our own mainline Protestant and Catholic leaders in the United States. He has come here to make a statement of purpose that we all long to hear, inwardly digest, and act upon.

This trip is based on a document he presented at Saint Peter’s, Rome, this past May 24th. It was sent as an ‘Encyclical Letter’ to all Roman Catholic Bishops world-wide, then dispersed to all priests, deacons, religious, and lay persons. An Encyclical letter from the Pope means: “I want you to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest this message and take it seriously. It’s where we are and action is being called for by all of you and your communities. I’m going to model it, show you how committed I am, and want you to do the same.” The quotes are my humble interpretation of what the Church word Encyclical means. This one is a Megaphone Call to Care For Our Common Home.

The VI Chapter Document can be accessed in it’s entirety by Googling- Pope Francis Encyclical Letter – May 24, 2015 – Choose the Laudato si’ 24 May 2015 Francis – La Santa Sede. It’s the actual letter of almost a hundred pages including the references. Read a little or a lot and see what this Humble Servant’s Vision Is for the global community. Feel how he wants to inspire us all to take up the commitment to honor nature, care for life, and prepare a better future of justice, peace, love, and beauty for All. He’s challenging all the political systems of our global village and calling for radical Change. For the first time in a long time, I feel proud to stand with this Servant Leader.

I invite you to listen to some of his speech to our Nation when you can because his message will be a challenge to many who have caved into a ‘bottom line’ Capitalism which pits the strong against the weak, builds walls instead of bridges, fosters exploitation rather than cooperation, and gives high fives to hubris rather than hugs to humility. With over a billion Roman Catholics of all colors, stripes, positions, lapsed, faithful, on the fringes, fully in the main or in recovery globally, there will be some real conversations coming out of this gentle, peaceful, and powerful Pope’s message.

Do you want to be in the conversation? Yes! Do you want something wonderfully new to take place in the world you live in? Yes! Are you ready to make some changes that can change the world? Yes! Will you take to heart a call to be who you really are rather than who you’re being conditioned to be? Yes! Are you willing to raise the flag of Oneness rather than the flags of separation and alienation? Yes! Do you want justice peace, and a joyful celebration of Life? Stop, Look, Listen, Love, and Learn what is being asked of you. Find one small shift you can make today and live into it. Be Inspired. Engage!

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