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Perpetual Power

May 7, 2019 | Power | 0 comments

When you think of power, what comes to mind? Does it have to do with power over or power with? Have you ever been overpowered, underpowered or without power? As we reflect on power, there are lots of ways to look at it. Where my mind goes first is to the power that animates our lives, our passions, our quests for life and the values we strive for. It then moves to power struggles that seem to play out in all kinds of ways between individuals, institutions, hierarchies, races, creeds, cultures and convictions.

Reflecting on power in the  season of soul we call Spring points to a more mysterious and fecund power that is natural, prolific, innovative, fertile, fruitful, generative and efficiently harmonious. Fecundity is the ability to produce newness from what has been and what can potentially be. It’s a power that creates natural growth, a power that’s ever present, abundant and mysterious. It’s an energy that’s seen and unseen, known and unknown, dormant and animating. It is Natures’ ongoing project of co-creation.

Nature continually tells a story of rebirth; that the depth of all being involves restoration, regeneration and renewal. Beyond our everyday awareness, a power beyond measure is at work birthing, growing, living, producing and generating new life. When we stop our everyday running around and give attention to this ongoing cycle of life, we  can enter a state of perpetual awakening. As I have begun to give myself over to this inspiring perspective, I have discovered this eternal Life Force slowly resurfacing everywhere.

As I sat beside the ever increasing flow of the Dolores River the other day, I felt this ‘force of Spring”, this mysterious fecund power beyond measure all around and flowing through the river bed, me and the whole of creation. The perpetual power of the cycles of Nature was demonstrating her perennial wisdom. The trees were budding and leafing. The grass was greening. The flowers were flowering. The fish were swimming. The birds were chirping. The crows were crowing. The children were playing. . . .

We humans are also powerful beyond measure, yet we haven’t mastered the unitive rhythms necessary to be in harmony with ourselves, each other and the rest of creation. We’re engaging in the extinction of millions of species and negatively altering Life’s natural order at an unprecedented pace. Collectively we’re blindly altering the planetary balance of what has been the perpetual power of Spring. Our immediate need is to return to the essence of Life, to the soul of our seasons, the spirit of our common unity.

As I reflect on this paradox, I wonder if there’s  a secret gate onto a new road we can travel to transform this transition from destruction to renewal with the natural power of Nature and her innovative and fruitful fecundity. The reality here is that we are part of Nature not apart from her as we seem to think. We either partner up, become part of Nature’s symphony or perish with her. To be a human personification of Spring is be an optimist and a pragmatist. They both require positive perpetual powerful action.

Arthur Rubenstein, in his extraordinary artistic wisdom said: “The seasons are what a symphony ought to be: four perfect movements in harmony with each other.” As we stop, look, listen and reflect on the perpetual power of Spring, let us each ponder the part we are being called to play in Natures’ ever present unfolding symphony. Let us engage our power beyond measure to change the trajectory of power-over to a power with the ongoing unfolding of the Natural order. Let us awaken to our part as good stewards, to take good care of what we have and nurture what is yet to be. . . .

  • As you make your way through another week, become aware of your consumer habits. What one thing can you change to lesson the impact on this season of soul?
  • Ponder the power beyond measure that You and Nature share. Think interconnectivity and how everything is a sacred unity. Begin conversations about environmentalism, waste and materialism. Explore how more is less and less is more. Ask what this moment might be asking and even requiring of you for the greater good. . . .
  • Give yourself the gift of being with Mother Nature this week. Allow her to speak to you in ways that help you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell the glory of her presence inside, outside and flowing through you. Awaken to the integral nature of your Being!



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