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October Blessing

Oct 2, 2019 | Blessing | 0 comments

September has ended while October is now beginning. The previous days were filled with sunny skies and temperatures in the seventies and eighties. Now with shorter days, the temperatures are in the fifties and sixties with cloudy skies. The blessing of October is in our gratefulness of heart that marks the passage of time and opens us to new possibilities. The great abundance of all that is opens slowly to the scarcity of what will be in the shorter, colder and less active days. It speaks to the age of the sage.

As Nature’s seasons change, we’re given a glimpse into the seasons of our own souls. We’re reminded of the ever changing nature of being and doing. We’re invited  to reflect on the cycles of Life that confer both prosperity and adversity. Blessing is conferred  to change our thoughts, feelings and consciousness. Gratefulness, beauty, radiance and the interconnectivity of all creation is shown. Vital energy is released thereby inviting us to receive and transmit the same abundant prosperity within the whole of creation. 

It is then with gratitude that we stir up the causal energy that creates new worlds. The blessing is given, received and released which draws new opportunities and a secure flow of substance to and through the whole of creation. According to Plato’s law, as we feel grateful, we become attracted in beauty, radiance and relationships. Through this gratefulness, attraction and reception, we release prosperous abundance through ourselves into the environment. The blessing we give changes us, our consciousness and the energy we project into our world. Receptivity and transmission become One. 

Blessing exerts no magic power over people and things: It does however change the  dynamic. That which many call God, a code word for the Infinite Source and Substance that manifests form, is the ultimate giver of Life. As part of this Source, we receive and give blessing. October is a label for a season of Nature that receives and gives a particular blessing to the whole environment. This receiving and giving is an ongoing blessing, food for prosperity and abundance embedded in us and every autumn day.

The more conscious we become of the presence of this living Substance the more it  manifests fertility and prosperity for the common good through us. As we identify with Source, Substance, like the trees that shed their leaves for the greater good, the more bounty there will be for the whole realm of Being. This continuity of blessing is centered through our thoughts in divine flow. The age of the sage is innate in our seasons of soul and in Nature’s seasons of soul. October Blessing speaks of this with every falling leaf.

  • By recognizing this season of harvest, letting go and blessing, we have the opportunity to not only be blessed, but also to engage in the gift of blessing. Today and every day this month, confer prosperity and blessing upon your world. Notice what happens…
  • Remember, the act of blessing from the gratefulness of your heart confers prosperity upon people, places, situations and things in your life. The blessing doesn’t change them, it changes you and your thoughts, words, feelings and the consciousness you transmit in the world. Notice what you’re receiving and see if it’s the same energy that you’re transmitting. Keep a journal on your experiences of blessing….
  • Reflect and transmit blessing to your relationships, conferring prosperity upon them without any vocalization. Bless the water, the weather, the traffic, your car, your place of business, your co-workers, your cash flow, your home, your family, friends and neighbors. Bless your thoughts, your feelings, your hopes, your dreams, your ability to bless. Note a difference in your attitude with each blessing and smile all the while…
  • Remember to Remember the infinite possibilities of this October Blessing for You and the Whole of Creation. . . . It’s the very Humus of Life. . . . Blessing All Ways. . . .



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