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October Awakening

Oct 3, 2018 | Awakening | 0 comments

“What’s your favorite color,” I asked… She smiled in a way that spoke before the sounds came out her mouth. “October.” she answered with the wisdom of all ages. I smiled, looked within, took a deep breath, bowed and said: “For those who have souls to see, everything blooms in October.” She touched my soul then disappeared with the breeze that gently rustled the leaves of the trees. The open fire was crackling, the crickets were singing their nightly chorus and I was lost in the mystery of the moment. . . .

Over the past years I’ve been pondering this fourth season we call Autumn. It’s the three months that follow Summer and precede Winter. It includes September, October and November. It also takes in the last twenty two years of our lives which some call the Autumn of our lives. Think of a lifetime as having four twenty-two year seasons which can be divided again into eleven year cycles. This would look like 0-11-22 as Winter; 22-33-44 as Spring; 44-55-66 as Summer; and 66-77-88 as wise old Autumn. . .

As I’m now in this ‘Autumn of my Life’ this makes more sense to me than when I first had these insights decades ago. The Winter years were the beginnings where I had no knowledge except that which my small world gave me. It was a difficult time with lots of cold weather, darkness, storms, and confusion. The years of Spring were verdant, free, budding, flowering, experimental and generative. The Summer years were maturing, expanding and contracting, hot and a lot of work. The years of Autumn to date were filled with great love, great loss and great inner reflections bringing new life.

When I finally found my favorite color, it was beyond this or that. It was a coming together of everything that had come before to create the beauty of an Autumn tapestry of flowering birth, life, death and new life. This is the wonder of Autumn. It opens to  an amazing flow of the natural order of things and how the fullness of flowering always produces new seeds of interconnectivity, integrity, interactivity and ineffability. It takes a lifetime and beyond to discover even the edges of this mystery we’re all a part of.

Autumn then becomes another series of experiences for loving, learning, laughing, crying, living and dying. Every color and composite nature of everything  we know and don’t know can become another seed for growth, for newness, for the wonder of our passage through time, space, spirit, form and grace. Autumn takes on the beauty of all the seasons, brings us truth in the October skies and alerts us in our reflections to be wise. Enjoying Autumn’s many mellow days; better times in a thousand different ways.

So whatever season of Life you’re in, you can begin to make it better. You can become Alert to the various movements that make up Life’s many twists, turns, ups, downs and sideways benders. You can Awaken to the challenges of each moment and decide consciously what your favorite color is and connect ‘October’ with all the many colors, sizes, shapes and possibilities for growth and change that are here for you. You can Respectfully let new seeds fall to the ground, shed leaves and bear your soul with confidence, resting Assured that new growth will come when the alignments are ripe.

Every season is contained in every other season and yet each is distinct from the another. The Whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts and each part contains the Whole. What is offered is a myriad of choices in various seasons. Feel this season as you are part of it. Step forward, pause. Step again, pause. Feel your way Home as it’s always here and now, there and then, on its way. Be still and know that in Autumn everything is dying to live, coming and going in beauty, in truth, again again and again.

  • In your daily meditation, quiet time, reflection, look for beauty where you are. Notice the color of October from a place of soul, inner intuitive knowing. Feel the beauty, breathe it in, sit in loving presence for awhile and give thanks for the gift of Life.
  • During this month of October get out in nature. Recognize the importance of your age, whatever it is, and question what this season of Life has to offer you for your inner growing and knowing and what you have to offer this season in return.
  • While being under the October skies, whether outdoors or in, feel the flow of the days and allow yourself the gift of their generative mellow ways. Shed the leaves and seeds that will in another season feed and grow your new and growing needs.
  • Rest gently in this Autumn season and feel it’s ripeness. Stand tall. Embrace it all even when you fall. Find a smooth groove and move with the color of October Awakening.


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