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The most common understandings of the words in the above title are usually and simply defined as obedience, discipline and creativity. When one goes back into the Latin language, history and culture, the words become different than what we ordinarily know. As a student I continually find it fascinating how language makes a significant difference in how we think, make judgements and lead our lives. Language can be controlling, confusing and liberating.

In the mind of a perpetual student there’s always a curiosity and wonderment about what’s being taught. There’s a certain questioning that takes place as data and other information runs through theoretical and experiential filters. When a new or different teaching comes from what the student thinks they know, an inner flag is raised that says ‘Attention, new information.’ This happened to me in a graduate school of theology Latin class .

The two words that opened up to me were oboedire and disciplina. As the professor began unpacking these two important words from an early Christian perspective, I was awed and amazed. My whole theological and spiritual understanding changed. The insight I was given during that class changed how I saw the world. The shift was from a command/control dogma and doctrine fostered by the Roman empire to the earlier loving/liberating invitation to new Life.

Oboedire changed from the unquestioning obedience of outer human authority to the deep heart and soul listening of spiritual interconnectivity. It was a directive to allow oneself to be instructed, to be teachable for ongoing insight and inner knowing. In this simple word was a profound teaching about prayer, meditation, contemplation, trans-rational consciousness and multi-sensory perception. It was a teaching from the Ancients transmitted through the Christ.

Disciplina was attached to oboedire in that once one begins to listen deeply to the still small voice within, one learns how to follow and act upon it. Disciplina then is ‘to follow’ the teaching, the learning, the instruction and training one receives from the inner and outer energy fields of higher vibrational consciousness. To have direct communication from higher levels of Being changes the world. Through quantum entanglement we are connected to the cosmos, All One.

From ‘Listening’ and ‘Following’ comes great creativity. Creativa speaks of our ability to create, to actually be co-creators in harmony with the Great Creator. This is threatening if you happen to have a command/control mindset that sees others as your subjects. To bring something new into being is God’s providence and by right, according to custom, to the King, Emperor or High Priest’s province.The commoners are not to be privileged with this creative power. What to do?

Persecute, punish, pass laws against, change the meaning of words. Translate the teachings in ways that point to you, through you and beyond so no one can access the True Reality of Being. Take over the teachings. Change the world into the Empire’s image and likeness. That all began in the 3rd Century and is still going on today and yet, more are listening, following and co-creating.These three words are filled with profound spiritual power: Listen-Follow-Create. What are you Listening to?What are you Following?What are you Creating? Be Still and Know!

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