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November Skies

Nov 11, 2020 | Spirituality | 1 comment

In Celtic spirituality, the ‘Wild Goose’ is the symbol of the Spirit of Life. It signifies the divine restlessness within that inspires all living things to grow, change and rearrange. It represents the ongoing journey from one season to another;  calling forth an exploration of the vital life giving elements of the world we live in and that live in us. It challenges the notion of domesticated safety and invites us, through the open gate of exploration, into new areas of ourselves and the world with a carefree spirit of adventure.

In approaching this last month of Autumn, which leads to the advent of a whole new cycle of life, it seems appropriate for us to look forward to the transformative adventure of death and new life rather than keeping the ‘Wild Goose’ in a cage. So many of us get caught in the trap of rigid, imposing and controlling lifestyles that we settle for restrictive and closed systems rather than opening to more carefree and adventurous experiences. Rather than more domestication, we need more liberation and exploration. 

Could it be time for you to become more open to the Spirit of Life and Light in the midst of the growing darkness? Might the Spirit that directs us to the most intimate places in our lives be inviting you into a transition, a pilgrimage, a divine restlessness and carefree spirit of adventure? Might the Spirit of endless love be drawing you into a portal of transformation; into surprise and delight beyond dogma, prejudice and meaningless fight-fright? Could it be that what you’ve been waiting for is already here within you in the darkness of an autumn night?

As I look back over the many decades of my life, I’m surprised to see how often I flew with the wild geese. I’m also surprised at how often the rigid, controlling and so called safety traps sought to capture me. The intimacy of Spirit however always seemed to spring me from the clutches of those traps and liberate me to again fly with the wild geese that beckon in every season of soul. If life is meant to be an adventure, change is a gift we must learn how to use. In folk-tales, being stuck or asleep forever is not a blessing but a curse. Hmm. . . .

Our divine restlessness speaks of something within that calls us to grow, change and rearrange. It’s a journey into the depths of our own pain, confusion, fear, despair, meaninglessness and all their opposites. It’s an adventure into the heart of our hearts and relationships; into new ways of seeing deeply into situations that call for different approaches. Following the Wild Goose and embracing our inner restlessness gives flight to the homing instinct inward to our True Nature. It’s the gift that, as we willingly open and nurture it, transforms our lives and leads us Home. . . .

  • If you’ve noticed a kind of inner restlessness lately; what do you discern it’s saying to you?  Is it possible that it might be a message from the Wild Goose, the Spirit of Life?
  • How has the Spirit been domesticated in your life? What would it be like for you to give flight to your homing instinct and discover the depths of your True Nature?
  • What’s the baggage that holds you down and keeps you from flying? What’s at risk for you to let go of this baggage? Be still and ponder what this moment is asking of you. What are you sensing, feeling, pondering? Spend significant time here with your journal. Listen to the call!

1 Comment

  1. Frred Mimmack

    Thank you, Rick.
    This speaks very directly to me as I ponder end-of-life questions.


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