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November Blessings

Nov 14, 2018 | Awakening | 0 comments

As the sky continues to find clouds to fill its space and the daylight lessens with every passing moment, we can literally feel the ending of this Autumn season and the beginning of Winter. In a week we’ll be celebrating ‘Thanksgiving’ in these United States as a moment in time to remember all the blessings that have been, are and ever will be. We observe this day to give thanks for everything. It’s a stark reminder that when we continually count our blessings, our whole life changes and rearranges.

From this perspective, it seems imperative that we find ways to engage this awareness daily because when we know how blessed we are, we seem not to be able to complain. To not complain then translates into not casting blame. When there’s no complaint and no blame there is blessing; it’s a circular time dynamic which continues to call us into an awareness that everything can be a blessing depending on our point of view. It’s our perspective that changes our bitterness into sweetness, our curses into blessings.

For many, this is a difficult concept to take in. I think of the countless veterans that give their lives and limbs for the cause of safety, security, freedom and peace. I reflect on their families and friends who love and suffer with them. How can great love and great loss, great pleasure and great suffering be transformative? How can darkness lead to light and lead turn into gold? How can death bring new life? What blessings are you presently experiencing that have come from bitterness, loss and suffering?

Is it possible that we allow the outer world to impact our inner world? If so, is it also possible that we could allow our inner world to influence our outer world? I was in the grocery store this morning feeling the wonder of the day and all the possibilities that seemed to be opening to me. I had a spring in my step, a smile on my face and a sense of wonder and blessing coming from the outer reaches of my inner space. Much to my surprise, ninety percent of the people I met projected the exact opposite energy.

As I awakened to this observation, I remembered all the times I’ve felt down, dejected and depressed. In that moment I realized that each of us determines our disposition without consciously realizing it. Rather than owning our part for this lack of blessing, we blame it on something outside ourselves. It was a moment of awakening to the reality that we are all co-creators of our own world. We are the ones who make conscious and unconscious decisions to be happy and sad, fearful and loving, wise and foolish, bitter and blessed. We are the creators of our own realities. . . .

From this place, I saw that “all events are blessings given to us to learn from.” We can react and respond to these events with anger, denial, bargaining, depression and all levels of falsehood. We can also react and respond to these events with acceptance neutrality, understanding, love and all levels of truthfulness. In every moment, we are faced with decisions to move toward neutrality, reconciliation, appreciation and love as well as oppositional positions that creates conflict, disharmony, depreciation and fear.

Knowing we have choice to move beyond our cultural conditioning, our knee jerk responses puts the response-ability for our wellbeing directly upon us as individuals and as a collective of evolving beings. It points to the Original Blessing of our creation and sheds light on the mistaken separation that has been labeled ‘original sin.‘ To recognize that we are ‘Blessed to be a Blessing’ is also to recognize that we are blessed to awaken to the sacred unity that IS and heal the separation in ourselves and the world.  

As we begin the end of this soulful season of Autumn, we are faced with all that surrenders to the elements in the world and within ourselves. We are asked to walk softly into the night, to come gently, bring our own light; to dance lightly with a gleam in our eyes knowing that in November Blessings, our souls are learning to fly. Here, every beginning has an ending that concludes with thanks giving and receiving. It’s part of the grand scheme of things, the Essence within us that reverently seeks to be.

  • As you walk through these last couple weeks in November, reflect on your many blessings and how you can share them with others in quiet gentle ways. . . .
  • Take note of your inner dispositions, levels of truth and falsehoods as you walk through your days. Practice awakening to the wonder and beauty that surrounds you and lies within you. When you find yourself going negative, be still, move into your perceptions to discover the levels of truths and falsehoods. . . . and smile awhile.
  • Sit in a quiet space and reflect on the wonder of Life. Touch your smiling heart and allow it to silently sing. Drop a little deeper and feel the soul of the season. Awaken to the wonder that’s ever present, ever waiting for you to remember, reconnect, reunite.



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