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Not Knowing?

Jan 10, 2018 | Consciousness | 0 comments

Over the many decades of my life I’ve become more content with ‘not knowing’ and being at peace with the notion that everything doesn’t need an explanation. The multifaceted education I received within this lifetime has shown me that no matter how fixed our mindsets are, anything can happen at any time without knowing why or how. To be open to whatever shows up, learn from it, find a way to smile with it and even love it in a way that transforms is a formula for a joyful, abundant and illuminating life.

Over the years we’ve been reading and writing these essays, now called blogs, I’ve made many observations, asked a lot of questions and given quite a few directives that assumed I knew what I was talking about. I’ve given what I thought, felt, sensed and experienced was true because it was true for me and others. The full truth is that every so called truth is only a portion of the truth because “knowing” is an ever evolving process with infinite variables and experiences.Truth changes with perspectives. Hmm.

Because of the relative perspectives we all have, it’s important to put most everything we think we know on a shelf for further enlightenment. This allows us to more fully live in the eternal unfolding of what is and what can be. It gives us the option to live with a Beginners Mind and see everything with the Eyes of a Child: Non attached, non judgmental and filled with awe, wonder, surprise and delight. This might be the antidote for Terminal Adulthood which is attached, judgmental, fearful, alienated and denying.

What if we stopped making excuses for ourselves and simply faced the reality that we’re just beginning to wake up to who we really are?  Ponder the vast expanse of space, galaxies, suns, stars, the planets in their courses, this fragile earth and the seventy trillion celled organisms we are physically, not to mention the expansive nature of the Holographic Being of the Cosmos. Look at where we were fifty years ago, a hundred years ago, five hundred years ago and compare. How much do we truly “Know?”

The picture I’m painting here points to an affirmation that we’re so much more than we appear to be. It directs us to the wisdom of ‘not knowing’ which opens our hearts and minds to our essential nature: Transcendent, inclusive and joyfully abundant. Just watch the young children when they’re loved, nurtured, cradled, protected, safe, secure and affirmed. Notice the innate creativity, willingness, optimism, acceptance and understanding they exhibit. Also take note of them/us, after our cultural conditioning.

We’re all standing on a threshold; at a global crossroads that’s asking us, directing us, calling and inspiring us to “Wake Up” to the evolutionary trajectory we’ve been called to follow. Each of us has the ability to live more fully in our ‘Not Knowing” and in so doing become reconciling agents for our human/divine possibilities and potentialities.  We discover a whole new world when we know we don’t know, because we can then move  repeatedly into the ongoing journey of discovery which is the True Nature of our Being.

To clarify, I need to say there’s a difference between ‘I don’t know.’ and ‘not knowing.’ In ‘I don’t know’ there’s an implied ignorance of something that’s known to have a definitive rational answer. In ‘not knowing’ there’s an implied intelligence beyond the binary rational mind that can ultimately lead to further discovery and more not knowing into infinity. The real knowing in ‘not knowing’ is non verbal and ineffable. It’s found in the stages and states associated with trans-rational and multi-sensory consciousness.

It’s also found in the beauty of a sunrise, the blossoming of a flower, the gentle breeze that caresses your face, the snow gently falling from the sky, the leaves of spring, the birth of a child, the change of colors in the autumn, the flight of a sparrow, the smile of a friend or stranger, the death of a loved one, the caress of a lover and on and on and on. How do you explain all these Life mysteries? With a deep abiding loving presence, a joyous serenity, a blissful peace and an enlightened appreciation within Not Knowing!

  • Meditate on the following questions over the next decade seeking further enlightenment into them. . . .Why are you here? Who are you really? Where were you before your mother was born? How are your physical, mental and emotional attributes serving you and the world? Where will you go when you breathe your last breath and leave your physical body? How do you view your dreams, the wonder of Life’s mysteries and your presence here in this frame of earth time?
  • Not Knowing is a contemplative dimension of Life. It takes us beyond fixity into fluidity, beyond contraction into expansion, beyond the known into the unknown. Allow yourself to meditate, pray, be still in this space and simply Be Present to what’s showing itself to you from the inside out. Start by becoming aware of the many impulses you pick up through your five senses. After a time, move beyond the five senses as if you were simply present in the center of a great dome. Rest here. . . . Feel the vastness….Let go of all thoughts….Relax into the rhythm of being breathed….


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