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Mystery and Creativity

Jan 31, 2018 | Mystery | 2 comments

What is mystery? Where does creativity come from? What do these two concepts have in common and how do they creep into our lives when we’re not even aware of them? How can mystery be at the heart of creativity and why do life and surprise begin in darkness? Do you ever ask yourself these questions and now that they’re being asked, do you have any interest in the speculative answers that will lead to  further questions? Today we’re sitting in the mystery, in the heart of creativity and anything is possible.

I came across some quotes the other day from Albert Einstein that show his greatness as a scientist and as an artist: “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” On another tack concerning the mystery and creativity in our lives he wrote: “We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears. We dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are all dancers, we create the dreams.”  What’s this dance, this mystery he sees?

Creativity is not a thing, it’s a way of Being and doing. It’s a consciousness that we all live in and that lives in us. As I sit here at the keyboard I live in the mystery of creativity. I don’t know what the next sentence will say or where the next quote will come from. I simply open my localized mind that’s connected to the Infinite Mind, allow my fingers to touch the keys and these words flow out upon a white screen that eventually will be sent to you and others to see. Can anyone unequivocally explain how this happens?

I’m becoming aware of how much Life is taken for granted without much inquiry into the mystery and creation of it. I’m pondering the billions of years that have preceded this moment in time/space and from an evolutionary perspective, realizing how all this Life experience is programmed into our DNA and how it profoundly influences our lives. Is the Omega point of our trajectory also part of who we are? Are we but a shadow of who we will be as we awaken and consciously move into the fullness of our Ineffable Being?

Haven’t the saints, mystics and enlightened Beings in our global community lived into this fullness of Pure Consciousness to show us the Integral Self that is created through the divided self? What of the teachings and modeling of Moses, Lao Tzu, Gautama, Jesus,Theresa, Mohammed, Francis, Clare and all the many unnamed pilgrims who followed the Essence of Being into the Illumination of Pure Consciousness, Ultimate Mystery and Creativity? And what of the dance we continue to create and share in our most enlightened dreams and of our children into the seventh generation?

I give myself to the belief that we’re all on a trajectory into the highest levels of Being and doing which tap into the cosmic mystery and creativity of Life’s most expansive order. The open secret and surprise is that we’re all designed for this awakening and awareness. It shows up in our infancy in so many wonder-filled ways. Our social/cultural conditioning however is not so enlightened. Love is withheld and replaced by humiliation, guilt and shame. Acceptance becomes conditional leading to fear, anxiety, anger and aggression. Trust turns to mistrust and innocence devolves into indifference.

The work of creativity then is to uncover the mystery of our Being and to heal the wounds of a shared history planted deep in the soil of our psyches. This is possible when we realize who we are, who we’re not and who we can be. It’s possible when we know that the darkness is where new life and creativity begin. This is the Great Mystery. From darkness comes light. Out of death comes new life. From the winter comes an eternal Spring. From our tears we learn to sing. The lion and lamb come together to create a whole new way of Being. In our dreams this is what we’re seeing.

  • Before you sign off and slip back into your habitual patterns of behavior, sit in the darkness for a few moments. Sit in the mystery at the heart of your creativity. Drop into the wonder of the silence, into the cave of your heart where your hidden potential resides. Soak in this bath of darkness. Become aware of the calmness here. Let go of your fear. Feel the cradle of Love that’s near. Let your deepest dreams appear. . . .
  • As you return to this inner creative space throughout the next days, weeks, months and years, take note of the surprises that show up for you. Allow this inner darkness to become a new studio from which your creativity is nurtured, the mystery is enhanced and new surprises are experienced. Allow the Great Creating within you to begin again and again and again and again. . . Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted. . . .
  • As you sense the inner pull into the mystery, begin the practice of journalling. Put the date at the top of the page and begin to write. Do not be concerned with what shows up on the page. Simply get in the flow and allow it to take you where you do not know. This is called free writing. Engage it everyday for the next thirty days and see what happens for you. Notice how you begin to discover the mystery, the creativity, the darkness and the light of this new way of Being. . . .


  1. Valerie Piacenti

    Hello, Rick!

    I just came across your blog while searching for quotes about mystery and creativity.
    I very much enjoyed reading this and will be quoting from it, with your permission, for my upcoming workshop on Igniting the Creative Spark.
    Your writing is clear and articulate. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful and thought-provoking ideas.

    Kind regards,


    • F. W. Rick Meyers

      Dear Valerie,

      In reviewing these posts for an upcoming book, I saw your request and hope you used whatever worked for you that the thoughts somehow stirred in your soul……..

      Blessings on your journey and I hope you’re continuing to ignite ‘Creative Sparks’ for as many as you possibly can…..It’s definitely time for Evolution and New Solutions…..


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