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Moving On…

May 20, 2020 | Wonder | 1 comment

As I sat on our porch swing the other day, a yellow butterfly flew by, circled, said hello and went   on her way. A living energy touched my soul which awakened me to the expansiveness of the moment. A sense of the interconnectedness of all things came to mind as a smile appeared on my face along with a heartfelt embrace. Somehow the first butterfly sighting on this May day spoke to me of a transcendental moment which reminded me of the wonder, wisdom and love that connects all things. The inner darkness I was experiencing drifted away with the clouds.  

As I then attended to the flowers, trees, birds, bees, clouds and inner needs, the prevalent atmosphere changed. Newness came alive, infinite possibilities and potentialities appeared to be carried by the clouds floating beyond my eyes into the vastness of a longed for paradise. The  outer reaches of inner space touched my soul to beckon me on into the wonder of a new creation. Can we be still long enough without our commercial entertainment to awaken us into an ever present realm of aliveness?  Can we awaken to the wisdom of butterflies and clouds moving on? 

I often sense an inner feeling that connects me more to the natural order of things than to the human creations that  fill our stores, airwaves and lives. I often feel like a ‘stranger in a strange land’ and wonder if more of us feel this way without ever saying so. I also wonder how conflict creates change and why we need difficulty and darkness to ‘wake us up.’ As we become more and more aware of the ever changing seasons of soul, within and without, might we begin to find new ways of being and doing? Might we find solace, strength and new life in every breath? 

As we walk through the many changes and rearranges that are necessary in our global village, let us allow the seasons to love us and remind us of our Divine Nature.  Let us, like the clouds, move on in an infinite journey into greater harmony and understanding. Let us find a new reverence for Life that lives in every moment and every creature. Let us awaken to the sacred unity of our Mother Earth, Father Sky, Brother Sun and Sister Moon. Let us breathe in the clear air of a whole new way of Being and Doing. Let us move on from being the caterpillar to be the butterfly.  

  • Spent some significant time outdoors this week and allow the Month of May to touch your  soul. . . . Simply sit outside in a comfortable place and appreciate what shows up!
  • Awaken to what your soul is missing and find new ways to bring it forth. Stay away from should, must and ought. Draw closer to wish, want and love. Notice the inner changes!

1 Comment

  1. Margaret Flowers

    Rick, I so enjoy your words oF love and nature,. In today’s time I am so thankful I have the lord in my life to keep me going when I don’t think I can. Thanks for your insight!


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