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Mother’s Mysteries

May 1, 2019 | Mystery | 0 comments

As I look deeply into the month of May, I’m struck by the mystery of Mother Nature and the feminine verdancy that seems to be bursting forth everywhere. I’m also surprised at how much attention I’m giving this mystery which may be due to being in a different environment from the one I’ve been in for decades. We’re presently living at an altitude of seven thousand feet in a small mountain town where the winter snow melts from the fourteeners and runs down into the second largest reservoir in the state of Colorado.

It’s curious to compare where we’ve been with where we are today mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. These juxtapositions span decades of our lives and speak volumes to the mystery of Life within us and in all of Creation’s many trajectories. They inform us as to where we’ve come from, where we’re going and why we’re here when we’re willing to stop, look and listen to the mystery of our inner and outer Natures. The ‘seasons of soul‘ in May are enormously revealing.   

The predictability of Mother Nature’s ability to birth new life everywhere fires the imagination and points to the mystery of birth, life, death and new life in perpetuity, season after season. This mystery touches our five senses and beyond as we open ourselves to the glorious abundance that’s everywhere we allow it to be. The unspoken questions are: “How are we allowing the mystery of Nature to thrive within us, around us and flow through us and. . . . Why are we so oblivious to it?

With all the ongoing technological advances and devices demanding our attention, how often do we look within the mystery of Mother Nature or within our own True Nature? Why do we continually look everywhere but within the Essence of Life for what brings Life to Life? Is it a temporary aberration of our times, an evolutionary trajectory or a sign that we’ve forgotten who we are, where we’ve come from, where we’re going and why we’re here? What do you say and how much does it even matter to you?

Over the past years of observing the many trends in our global village, I’ve come to be more and more concerned about our materialistic and consumer attitudes. I’ve also come to spend more time in the inner and outer environments that bring me home to the many mysteries of Mother Nature, Mother Earth and the nurturing aspects of Life. I’ve come to under-stand that we don’t believe what we see. We see what we believe and give ourselves to that particular perception and mind set. What are we believing?

I wonder if we really know why we do what we do and if choice has paralyzed us to make us less free. I also wonder if more options bring us more satisfaction or more regret, if true dialogue has simply become talking points and if materialism has finally overcome the blueprint inside every living thing that tells it what it is and what it can become which many identify as Soul. . . . What do you say? Can we slow down and focus enough to listen to the still small voice of wisdom? Can you? Do you?

Mother’s mysteries direct us to resonance within the microcosm and macrocosm. They direct us to the interconnectivity between the seer and the seen, to the union of creation, creator and creating. The energies of interconnectivity and participation become the seed and soul of everything. The whole world becomes a sacrament. Co-creation is participatory energy, alignment with the wholeness of Life, an integral engagement rather than a spectator sport. Mother’s mysteries are here for us all.

Mother’s mysteries inform us of the inevitability of change and transition. They also inform us of the innate necessity of being aware of our thinking, feeling and acting. We must take personal responsibility for what we perceive, believe, receive and achieve. We must stay aware of the flow of the rivers, the sun, the earth, the air and the invisible energies that want to inform, transform and deform Nature’s ways. Albert Einstein stated it clearly: “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” What are you thinking???

  • To realize there has never been a springtime when buds forgot to bloom reminds us humans that our destiny is to bloom where we’re planted in ways that honor the Essence of who and what we are. Ponder your Essence and compare it to you beliefs. What’s your essential blossoming and blooming? What are your beliefs that help and hinder this?  Why? What steps are you taking to awaken your blossoming?
  • Awaken to Mother Nature’s many mysteries and how they can help you transform.
  • Engage the Essence of this new month of May by spending significant time alone with the natural verdancy of each day. Take note of the special qualities you share with  Nature and how you are an integral part of all that is. . . .



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