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Every year around this time, Spring comes to the northern hemisphere. It’s technically called the Spring Equinox as it’s the beginning of a new astrological year. It happens this year of 2016 at 4:30 a.m. on the 20th of March. On this day, the sun is in perfect equilibrium with the Earth as it travels through the tropical zodiac. For the first time since the Fall Equinox, the hours of light will be longer than the hours of darkness. This light expands all around us for growth and new life.

Traditionally it marks a time of new beginnings, new life, growth, birthing, renewal and a reinvigorated flourishing for all creation. It’s about releasing the stored energy of the past seasons for another transformational cycle of life. Those who have gone before us knew this because they lived in greater harmony with the earth cycles. Today it’s just another day to work without balance and harmony. Today it’s also an opportunity to ‘wake up’ and live anew.

The early Christians knew this as they recorded the story of Christ, the anointing and blessing of creation. This year the beginning of the Great Passion of the Christ, Palm/Passion Sunday falls on the Spring Equinox marking the most Holy Week in the Christian calendar. It documents humanities struggle with the powers of darkness and light, human and divine consciousness. It models the paradox of me and Thee. It models the seasons of life, maturity, death and new Life.

For most of us, even so called Christians, this week or even the Great Feast of the Resurrection from apparent death to new life is just another day to avoid the Essence of new beginnings. It’s become a story of something that happened a couple thousand years ago rather than something that happens every year, month, week, day and moment. The refuge we find is not in this deep understanding and awakened experience but in the avoidance of it.

The Buddhist tradition speaks of taking refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. It’s an acceptance and vow to turn away from suffering; to unfold our basic goodness. The Buddha embodies and models this calm awakened Presence. The Dharma is the teaching and experience of this Truth. The Sangha is the community of practitioners who are companions on the journey for support, feedback, and direction.These three refuges support the transformation.

The Buddha models a humanity reaching up and in to be enlightened. The Christ models  a Divinity reaching down and in to be united. The death of the old being and Life of the New Being is represented in both. The quantum entanglement is striking and congruent. We are all One in this human/divine paradox. What’s congruent is the Presence we commit to. The reaching up and in is a two way street. It’s  about the interconnectivity of humanity and divinity.

This Sunday and all days offer you another opportunity for a cosmic re-alignment with the New Life that’s continually being born in you and all creation. Are you awake to it? Carve out some significant time and space to sit within the depths of your Being. Find the newness that’s birthing in, around and through you and your environment. Awaken to more Light as it increases. Cultivate more Love as it grows. Harvest more Life as it ripens and remember: Inspiration is in every breath . . . Spring forward . . .

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