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March Madness

Mar 18, 2020 | Awareness | 0 comments

As I’ve pondered the 24/7 news about the Coronavirus pandemic over the past weeks, I found myself losing the innate powers within me. I’ve found my small ego self in contraction; hiding, repressing and denying the deeper powers within myself, you, humanity, Nature and God. We’ve been told to practice ‘social distancing’, to restrict our physical presence with one another, go to virtual audio/visual gatherings, hunker down and wait it out. All this is understandable in light of the contagious nature of this virus but there’s something missing, something not being said.

As I sat deeply with this dilemma, I recognized I was thinking in terms of matter, gross physical matter which has a low energy vibration. Recognizing this, I began to shift my thinking, feeling and acting to a higher field of energy, a spiritual energy, an energy of healing, wholeness and transformation that’s always here and available. Within a couple of days, the lower energy dissolved and dissipated. I was then able to process in a different way. The shift of focus changed fear to love, anxiety to understanding, hopelessness to hopefulness and apathy to revelation.

The internal adjustment changed my awareness from victim to healer, sadness to serenity, from being disempowered to being empowered and, we all have this inner power. It’s part of our Human/Divine Nature. It’s a simple shift in awareness, a recognition that our thoughts and feelings can create different vibrations. It also recognizes the power of the collective conscious and unconscious as it plays through the invisible airwaves that travel in, around and through the planetary experience. We’re still unconsciously feeling the fires in the Amazon and Australia. 

This past week and in the weeks to come, we in the USA are severely limiting the in-person gatherings that are part of our lives. Churches, schools, offices, recreation centers, restaurants, hotels, sports arenas and all other ‘normal’ gathering places will be closed to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus so those who contract it will be able to be treated. From a material view, this is regretful and even miserable for some. From a spiritual view, it’s revelatory and illuminating as it offers us a respite from the externals, giving attention to the ineffable and internal realities. 

Saint Patrick will be celebrated with a more introspective reverence. The Spring Equinox will be honored and experienced by resting in the new light that continues to grow. The flower buds resurrecting in our midst can then be enjoyed and pondered as they seek to greet us. The sunny and cloudy days might remind us of the duality and nonduality of our emotions. The dryness and moisture, warmth and cold, comings and goings, ebbing and flowing of Life can be honored and nurtured within our days of waiting and wanting. New life can potentially be birthed within us! 

For many Christians throughout the world, this holy season of Lent is manifesting in ways that could never be imagined. The forty day fast has now been imposed by an invisible agent calling for a fast we would never impose on ourselves. It’s a real lived journey into the wilderness like we’ve never taken. It offers us the opportunity to take a deep dive into the suffering, darkness, life and new birth that’s always here in this realm of being. What does it all mean for you? What kinds of thoughts, feelings, meetings with your ego self and your True Self are you having? 

How are you matching your human nature with your Divine Nature? What deeper powers within are you discovering in these life challenging events? Is your heartbeat matching the beat of the universe, Divine Nature, Spirit of Life? How calm and centered are you? Are you aware of the   Breath of Life, the Sacred Unity of the moment, the infinite call of the wild, the harmony in the small tasks that help you flower and discover your nobility and infinite essence? Are you allowing the beauty of what you love being what you do? Are you smiling and giving thanks yet? Hmm.

  • Give yourself the gift of Life during this time of chaos and confusion. Match your heartbeat with Nature’s heartbeat. Feel the presence of the Ultimate Presence by relaxing, releasing and realigning with the Divine Nature that’s within you and the whole of creation.
  • In whatever way you relate, pray without ceasing. Couch the prayer, meditation, stilling, contemplation, intercession, communing within your heart, body and breath. Be still and know the Divine is here, there and everywhere embracing All.
  • When you realize you’re in a funk, down and dour, take a deep breath and receive the calm that’s also here. Bow in reverence and smile in serenity knowing that all is well and will be well, no matter what. Feel the deep peace that surpasses all understanding. Ahhh.


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