The best estimate of when humankind discovered fire was some six hundred thousand years ago. That’s amazing to me. What’s even more amazing is that the common use of fire among humankind didn’t take place until around three hundred fifty thousand years ago. This means it took about two hundred fifty thousand years for fire’s ‘tipping point’ to be reached by the whole species and used as a common practice.

How long does it now take to innovate, create, and bring to the global market a new idea or product? Further amazement is that we, as a species are still stuck in the reptilian and mammalian brains of fight/flight, control and power over reactivity. We’re still chained to the mindset of a mechanical universe that was broadcast to us by Isaac Newton over five hundred years ago when it’s been proven false and doesn’t work.

What this says to me is that change can take place in an instant and it can also take a very long time. The difficulty here is that we live in a rapidly changing world of technological innovation and a slowly changing world of mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. Our inner systems of adaptation have not kept up with our outer systems of innovation and we’re paying the price everyday. Just read the tea leaves.

I’m concerned about our education, our fixed mindsets, and our seeming inabilities to grow beyond our cultural conditioning, depressed attitudes, and deadening behaviors. We seem to be in denial of what works and what doesn’t. How does it work for you to live with indifference, anger, and fear? How does it work for you to hide, repress, and deny your innate goodness, beauty, creativity and aliveness? What does work for you?

In a recent poll done with senior executives of Fortune 500 companies it was discovered that seventy five percent of them said their biggest problems stemmed from “working with the wrong people.” Imagine our corporate “leaders” blaming us for their lack of purpose, understanding, and long term commitment to sustainability. How disturbing is this? It makes me want to inspire them and enlighten their lives. Come on man!

Another disturbing piece of information is that teachers in our public school systems are still classifying students who are unable to keep up and make the grade as ‘deficient.’ Rather than providing enriching environments and developing new ways of teaching to overcome the conditioning that’s already sidelined the natural genius in these kids, they simply classify them and write them off. Are you kidding?

To harness the energies of Love, you can stoke the fires of your creative imagination.  You can awaken the aliveness that lives in you. You can co-create a new world in the here and now. Imagine living in Love and discovering new fire. Imagine making it so!

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