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Do you see yourself as Magnificent? Do you relate to yourself as Magnificent? Do you have a connection to Magnificence? Do you know the Who that’s really you?

From our ego’s perspective we could all give a hearty ‘Yes’ to the above questions. From another perspective, one of social conditioning, we’d balk at the assessment and feel fearful when called upon to demonstrate and embrace our own Magnificence.

From the spiritual view we are all uniquely and unequivocally Magnificent. You see, we all come from the same Source, the same Oneness, the same Godding Principle which is the Whole. We are part of this Whole, divine particles formed from formlessness.

As we wake up and remember who we really are, we begin to live in the vibrational energy of the Source, God, which opens us to the infinite abundance of the universe. We become inspired to be and become that which we are without reservation and fear.

Do you remember when you were young, before the programming set in? Remember the overwhelming joy and laughter you experienced over what appeared to be nothing? That’s the energy of Abundant life that flows in, among, around, and through us all.

What is it to be inspired? Have you felt any of it lately? If not, why not? What frequency of vibration are you tuning into? Are you in the ‘woe is me’ place, the ‘I’m not good enough’ space or the ‘blame and shame’ place? If so, let it go. It’s not who you are!

Spirit and inspiration come from the Latin word spiritus which has to do with breathing. When we’re inspired, we’re breathing the breath of Life. We’re tapping into the frequency and vibration of our Essence which we can’t see but we can feel and sense.

We can’t even explain it because it’s part of the limbic system of the brain which doesn’t have a language. It simply Is and we have to use metaphor, allegory, or simile to describe what we’re experiencing. What’s inspiring you today? Anything?

If not, you’re not remembering who you are. You’re not remembering to remember who and what you’re a part of. You’re dying on the vine because you were told that you’re not part of the Magnificence of the All and you believe it even when you Know different.

Take a deep breath, a great big sigh. Let it fill and relax your entire body. Be alert to the vibrational energy of your thoughts and actions. Are you resisting or accepting the possibility of this Magnificent You? Enlighten up and live from your True Self. It’s inspiring! It’s the Who that’s really You! Believe! Perceive! Awaken to your Magnificence!

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