Your primary work in life is to relax and allow, relax and allow, knowing that trust and allowing are the same thing. Do you have the sense that this might make a difference in how you live and move and have you being? Relaxation is defined simply as the art of letting go; trusting you have the innate power within to appreciate everything you experience as a gift and pathway to a joyful and abundant life in the moment. How would this shift feel to you?

If this sounds ‘countercultural’ it is. It’s about realizing that our American culture has been primed and pumped full of Puritanical dogma that interprets life in terms of shoulds, musts, oughts, and have tos punishable by judgement, condemnation, persecution, death and all manner of non allowing. It’s a move beyond resistance to trust a new way of thinking, believing and behaving. The contrast is stark which helps us see what we want and don’t want.

Think of the well worn phrase ‘hard work’ and how it has driven so many into lives of stress, anxiety, dis-ease, disconnection and disfunction. Is this what we’re here for? Also, think of the word ‘lazy’ and how it’s been attached to addiction, alienation, depression, and disfunction?What if we would focus on ‘soul work’ and ‘relaxation’, on what makes us feel vibrant and alive rather than what takes us down and out? What if you could smile and enjoy every day?

The secret to success is found in your daily routine and you’ll never change your life significantly until you change something you do daily. I can’t tell you what this change might be for you but I can say that you’ll know your path by the peace, pleasure and passion you find in it. I can also tell you that when you look for things to appreciate and always reach for a thought or activity that feels better you’re on your way to a whole new way of living, loving, laughing, enjoying and enlightening up. How often do you experience this? Are you willing to give it a go?

What if the greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness? What if relaxation is who you really are and tension is simply an illusion spawned by our Puritan ancestors and other misinformed people? What if, in your daily routine you relaxed you body mind, heart mind and spirit mind? What if in this routine you reached a level where anything is possible, held this vision and trusted the process to feel better everyday, no matter what? Do you know that you can always reach for a thought that feels better? Hmm, is that a Yes?

How often have you noticed that the better you feel the more you allow, the more you allow the more you open and the more you open the more you receive? Might this be a clue to how Life actually works. I call this the Boomerang Effect. The energy you transmit into the field of Life comes back to you. Send out blame, regret, fear, anxiety, anger, indifference, pride and scorn; it comes back to you. Send out affirmation, trust, inspiration, acceptance, understanding, love, joy, and peace; it returns to you. What you appreciate appreciates!  Awaken and see . . .

  • As soon as you wake up every morning for the next month, find something to appreciate. Hold your whole attention on it for thirty seconds. Carry this appreciative attention practice with you throughout the day. Do the same just before you go to sleep each night. Notice what happens.
  • During the day practice the mantra Relax Allow Appreciate . . . Relax Allow Appreciate . . .

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