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One of the curious things about our culture is the amount of ‘canned music’ that seems to permeate it. In almost every commercial environment I enter there’s some kind of music playing through invisible speakers from invisible sources. I wonder at times who programs the music, who’s responsible for the decisions on what music is chosen and what volume it is to be delivered at. I also wonder how it informs who we are. . .

I suspect that for most of us the music that fills our airwaves is unconsciously heard and not given much attention. It becomes the background noise that soothes and agitates us as we sleep walk through our lives. It becomes an artificial environment we live in and accept as reality. It’s just one more choice that’s made for us without our permission by which we become trained to go along with the crowd. Does this sound subversive?

As you pass through your day, what’s the music that comes in and through you? Are you listening for the music within that informs you, inspires you and directs you upward into joy and downward into sadness?  Music, like everything else is based on frequency and vibration. We’re all living, breathing conduits of energy. The music that comes through us is a refection of what we’re identifying with externally and internally. Awareness is a necessary discernment tool.

Take a moment right now to listen to the vibration of your inner music. I’m presently listening to some ambient music that’s calming and expansive. Earlier in the day I was listening to music that was filled with some fear and ambivalence which was disturbing.  I took a break from what I was doing to find a new channel. In this search I was able to re-discover the inner ambient music which then led to a more enlivening harmony within and without.

When you tune into your inner music you can begin to discover what accompanies it. You can choose to sustain it and allow it to express the meaning that brings Life to Life for you and others. Life is an ongoing conversation. It’s not so much the words as it is the experience of the rhythm, the melody and the harmony of your inner and outer music. When the music within is resonating with your True Self it’s easy to dance and partner up with.

The mystery of music is that it touches every cell of your body/mind/spirit. It relaxes and intensifies. It causes action based on frequency and vibration. It takes on a life of its own that can be felt. It directs you to resist as well as go with the flow. The choice comes from what you listen for and what you decide to do with it. The possibilities are infinite for channeling freedom and slavery. How often are you attentive to what inspires you to be fully alive, fully awake? How often are you listening for your own special inner music that brings inspiration and fulfillment? 

  • Sit quietly and listen for your special inner music. Exhale a single humming sound and listen for it’s resonance and dissonance. What’s it reflecting back to you? What’s the vibration it wants you to tune into? Is this your heart’s song or something else?
  • What’s the message being expressed to you through the rhythm of your pulse?
  • How’s this experience informing you about your inner music and it’s gift for you and the world?

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