She looked out over the lake feeling a heaviness in her heart. She was thinking about her life situation with all it’s losses and emotional suffering. She was feeling sad, succumbing to a self pity space of negative internal considering. The surface of the lake was being stirred by the wind. There were white capped waves visibly surfacing across the water. A reflective part within remembered a time of scuba diving in rough waters. She recalled diving deeper into the depths to alleviate the effects of the surface conditions. ‘Is this a pointer for my awareness?’

Jana became aware of her body, noticing how shallow her breathing had become. She stood up, stretched her back and arms, moved her head around her shoulders to the left and to the right. She started breathing consciously in and out, deeper and deeper. Her ears registered an unfamiliar sound. She turned toward the sound to see a bald eagle flying along the shoreline right in front of her. The scene shifted to slow motion as she noticed the eagle’s eyes connect with hers. She felt an awakening shiver pass through her body. She was touched by awe.

A spirit song spontaneously arose within. It was a melody of fluidity harmonized by the wind, waves and her breath. The bass notes came up through the earth into her feet to connect with her heart.The tenor tones came from an ancient monastic chant that resonated with the alto and soprano notes of unseen instruments. Each breath added to the orchestral arrangement. As the wind changed she thought she heard children laughing and singing. ‘What’s happening?’ She wondered. Closing her eyes she saw the waves, the eyes, the light of the sun and the music.

Quantum theory tells us that there’s an unknown realm that’s our source. It hints that this unknown place is infinite, intelligent, capable of organizing the entire universe, full of possibilities and without end. This we can call our soulful connection and transition system turning one level of reality into an another. It shows up when it shows up to give rise to new creative impulses, potentialities and possibilities. It has it’s roots in the invisible and the timeless. The certainties it brings are always mysteries. It’s that soulful field that closes the gap between matter and Spirit.

It’s said by the great spiritual traditions that the soul is ever present yet formless and fluid.  It’s always where we are and yet never moves. It speaks in subtle and causal ways that ask for our attention and awareness. We have to move from the surface of life to an inner depth where we can see and hear with greater attention and clarity. We must breathe into it consciously and ask for openness to receive the possibilities that are not and yet can be. It’s trans-rational, multi-sensory, intuitively intentional, very real and accessible to us from another reality. Hmm…

  • Take a slow walk along a body of water: lake, river, creek, ocean. Listen to the water until you hear a message that might be there for you. What’s awakening within you?
  • Find a place to sit outside. Notice the birds, the people, the cars, the sounds behind the sounds. What’s the music of this space communicating to you? Where do you feel it?
  • Place your hands over your heart. Listen for a field of love within. What do you sense?

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