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Letting Go to Let Come

Apr 29, 2020 | Awareness | 0 comments

Today the wind is rolling over the mountains onto the plains. The trees are swaying in the breeze while the clouds glide through the sky with ease. The winds of change seem to be howling at the uncertainty of the season while we feel the vulnerability that defies all reason.  We are here at the beginning of another threshold crossing wondering how to proceed. Are we willing to stay with the change long enough to insure it comes to a positive conclusion or will we abandon the difficulty and flee in fear; resisting the very gift that might be hidden here? 

If ‘nothing goes away until it has taught us what we need to know,’ should we not be looking at what we need to know? As I look into my soulful crystal ball, I see a threshold crossing taking us into a new age of understanding highlighted by harmony, wisdom and reverence for Life. I see a new world where the opposites converge to create a new synthesis: Where all setbacks are taken with a positive approach to insure adequate conclusions in the long run. What if what we need to know is that we don’t know, so the more we know we don’t know, the more we can know? 

This wisdom of uncertainty is the ability to enter a ‘liminal’ space, the betwixt and between that shows up as we leave one season while not yet entering into the next one. It’s a thin place where reflection, calm and centeredness open to a vulnerability that moves through close mindedness to inquiry and openness. It’s the realm  where love overcomes fear, humility replaces hubris, teachability opens new horizons and ways of being and doing for the greater good of all. Here we embrace vulnerability, inquiry, collaboration, compassion and a shared reality.

As we step across this present day threshold, it’s not the things that happen to us that are important, it’s how we respond to these things that makes the difference. It’s our awareness of uncertainties and our openness to the ineffable possibilities and potentialities that lie within us and beyond that set us free. It’s the recognition that we all go together, or we don’t go at all. It’s the deep and profound insight of the ages that shows us how war always leads to more war and peace opens up a myriad of ways for further illumination, consciousness and enlightenment.

As we stand at this collective threshold, what’s necessary to let go of for this new era to come? What does it mean to step into the desert; to discover the promised land? What opposites need to be reconciled to find the harmonic convergence of this New Era? What have we been taught that we still need to learn?  Why are we being awakened mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in this first quarter of the 21st Century? What’s essential for the well-being of the global community? What do we still need to know? Might the gateway be within and all around us? 

  • As you sit in meditation today, reflect on having reverence for all of Life. Become aware, appreciative and alive to the fullness of Life that’s in everyone and everything.
  • Take some time today to ask, in the depths of your soul, what you need to know here, now.


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