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What comes to mind when you think of destinations and journeys? Are they places, spaces, a new perspective or way of being here in this moment? Could they be something you have physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually inside and/or outside yourself? When thinking about journeys and destinations decades ago all I could imagine were physical journeys to far off places with many new faces. I wasn’t thinking beyond the physical reality.

Today I’m working on transformation as a journey without a final destination. I’m seeing that yesterday is gone and tomorrow has yet to come so we have only today. My perception turns to being willing to let go of the life I had planned to let come the life that’s waiting for me right here and now. I’m beginning to see that one’s destination in not really a place but a new way of being; that every moment is a journey to add greater value and love to life. It’s quite a shift.

How is Life a process influencing your journey and destination? How is your success defined by this process? Can you trust this process even though you don’t understand it? Are you willing and able to practice Life’s flow in spite of the difficulty, the uncertainty, the loss? Are you willing to receive each event that comes your way as a blessing even though it may seem to you to be a curse? Can you relax into a worthiness that will shed light upon the wonder of your journey?

When was forty I had a severe back problem which crippled me. I couldn’t walk without assistance. I had to put my journey and destination on hold. The debilitating pain was a sign to me that something was seriously misaligned and I needed to focus on realignment. My new destination and journey became one in the same; to get healthy and whole. The journey I thought I was on veered toward a new destination that was right in front of me. Well-being . . .

After consulting with a variety of medical practitioners I came to know that I was the only one who could take the journey that would lead to healing. I then engaged in a process of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual therapy that shifted my trajectory. I opened to new possibilities, perceived myself and others in more appreciative ways, stopped trying to prove myself and turned toward the healing and wholeness I wanted. In three months I was healed and whole.

What this taught me is you get what you perceive and believe. The more conflict I perceived the more I received. The more resistance I perceived, the more I resisted and received. When I changed my perspective to see where I wanted to go, into health and well-being, more health and well-being came. The more affirmation I gave myself and others the more I received. I carved out a new path to make me feel good, aligned with healing energy and relaxed into it.

The secret destination that all journeys have that travelers are unaware of is called Contrast. When you receive something you don’t want, that doesn’t make you feel good, look for the opposite and invite it in. Don’t complain about what you don’t want because it blocks what you do want. Energy follows attention. Give attention to your highest aspirations and leave the rest.

  • Look at the dis-ease you struggle with. Let go of the struggle and look at the contrast. Focus on what you want and slowly breath it in. Give thanks for everything and choose things that bring life to you. React not. Resist not. Retain not. Return to appreciative receptivity. 

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