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Join the Dance!

Mar 20, 2019 | Awareness | 0 comments

My first dance with another person was as a teen-ager, and in the beginning, it was a fearful experience. I was self conscious, a bit awkward and it was with a popular girl who was a really good dancer. She asked me to dance.  I said “No, I don’t dance.” She took my hand, stood me up and walked me onto the dance floor and said: “Just feel the rhythm of the music and let your body move with it.” Holding her hands, feeling the music in my body and hers allowed me to start dancing and, I’ve never stopped.

It’s amazing how our fears of change keep us from dancing, both metaphorically and literally. We get stuck in our programmed ways of thinking, feeling and acting to such a degree that we say ‘No’ to the abundance of Life. We forget to clear out the cobwebs in our closets to engage a- bun-dance in the here and now. That first dance, with that girl, changed my life. We’re still dancing together with change, trying a lot of new steps in our Dance with Life. It’s a constant challenge of surprise, delight and loving presence.

As we continue to reflect on the ‘Seasons of Soul,’ I find myself pondering the many changes we go through in a lifetime: How we wade into change, evade it, dive into it, avoid it, move with it, refuse to dance with it as well as embrace it without end. Life’s many seasons change us whether we know it or not. Life becomes a dance of learning and unlearning, stilling and movement, procession and regressing, love and loss, suffering and celebration along with all other dualities until we reconcile them.

The month of March seems to be the definitive month of transition and change. It integrates the wonder and beauty of all so called opposites because in Nature, there are no real opposites, just an ongoing movement from one circuitous rhythm to another in an ongoing cosmic dance that harmonizes everything except our self centeredness. This egocentrism insulates us from one another, Nature and the Ineffable Source of Life that flows in, around and through us. It’s how we say “No” to Life and it’s abundance.

The eternal message of renewal is the thread that runs through all seasons and all lives. As we attune our hearts to this eternal message, we are able to say ‘Yes’ to the dance of delight in every season we find ourselves and our environment in. More, now than ever, we are being called to ‘Wake Up’ to the integral nature of our lives with all other life forms. We are called to a new environmental awareness within our day to day lives, our cultures, our resources and all our actions. Our future is present here and now.

It’s been said by many that when it’s time for a seasonal change, the imperfections of life are highly visible. What imperfections are you perceiving? What are you seeing locally and globally in this season of the first quarter of the twenty first century that seem distorted, out of kilter, dangerous and threatening to Life as we know it? What course corrections do we need to make as a people and global community to spring forward in new ways to enhance the dance of Life for all sentient and non sentient beings?

To plunge into change, to move with it and join the dance of Life starts with each of us everyday. It’s a call to listen deeply to the sacred music of Nature within ourselves and  our environments. It’s a call to action that makes a difference in our own lives and the lives of others as we consciously dance together. Our work and play is to serve the highest good and dance to the rhythms of Divine Energy; to hear the call of the dolphins, whales, forests, earth, sky, refugees, outcasts, neighbors, sick, hungry and displaced.  It’s to join the dance of Life that goes on and on and on and on!   

  • As the month of March continues to unfold in all it’s crazy wisdom, allow yourself to be with it in new ways that invite you to dance in whatever ways inspire you. . . .
  • Take some ‘time outs’ this week to listen to music that moves you and, in the privacy of your own space, gently allow your body to move with it . Stand up, move your feet, your torso, your arms in ways that feel freeing and enjoy the flow of this modest exercise. Let it soothe your soul. . . .
  • When fear wants to overtake, stop, look and listen for the inner music. If you can’t find it, listen to the wind, the rain, the flow of a river; hum a tune or chant a mantra to elevate your awareness. Move your body rhythmically in whatever way you feel in the moment and enjoy a dance of exhilarating delight. . . .



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