January Mysteries

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As I sit here at the computer on this cold winter day in January, I’m pondering the cloak of Winter and the miracles it hides. In a few short months the waiting seeds will sprout, the grass will awaken and grow, the tree limbs will miraculously bud and the genius of Nature will again spring forth. In this month of seeming dormancy, January, much is happening under cover. The unseen mysteries of birth, life, death and new life come together in these pregnant moments of Winter. Life’s Source is hidden yet present.

During a walk the other day on the high plains of Colorado, I experienced the wonder and mystery of the wild geese who winter by the thousands in these parts. Every dawn and dusk they fly together from water to fields to feed and rest. Everyday they fly overhead and speak of the mysteries that Nature hides and reveals in the form and substance of life. Everyday they inspire me to wonder at the created order of things and the beauty that lies everywhere hidden from the blindness of our misperceptions.

Nikos Kazantzakis, the noted author, spoke of the highest point a person could attain. He said it was not knowledge or virtue or goodness or victory; but something greater, more heroic and more wonderful:  Sacred Awe!  In this time and space, as we ponder the mysteries of January and the season of Winter, let us pause and allow ourselves to be awed by the sacred unity of Mother Nature, Father Sky, Brother Sun and Sister Moon. Let us awaken daily to the wonder, beauty and sacredness of Life everywhere!

As we do so, we can begin to live more reflectively and devote ourselves to a life with more awe and wonder. We can then more fully respect the dignity of the whole of creation, including that of every sentient and non sentient being. We might even learn to deepen our awareness and expand our sight to see beyond the surface of things into the very heart of all matter: To discover the Source of Life that lives in everything and everyone while stopping long enough to discover the Truth of who we truly are.  

January mysteries are hidden in plain sight. They’re hidden inside everything that is and is not. They’re hidden in the earth, air, fire and water; in the songs of the birds, in  our laughter and our cheers. They’re hidden in the darkness and in the light, in our joys and sorrows, in our days and our nights. They live within and without to awaken us beyond  our fears. They shine on brightly through our joys and tears. The mysteries are here for you and me. When we begin to see them, we become more loving and free. 

  • As you begin to ponder the January mysteries, allow yourself to sit quietly and listen to the silence of this season. Allow yourself to see with different eyes, hear with more receptive ears and delve more deeply into the moments that beckon your attention.
  • Wherever you are, slow down and awaken to the hidden life behind the forms. See into the heart of whatever matter you find yourself with. What might be happening here and why might it be important to see into the mystery of this moment?
  • Reflect on what might be holding you back from seeing the Divine in any given moment or circumstance. What could happen if you would see beneath the surface of people, places, situations and things?  Begin seeing with a sense of Wonder. What might happen if……I wonder…..I wonder…..Hmm……Hmm…..I wonder………




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