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“It’s a wonder. I’m in an unbelievable awe inspiring Wow with this gift you’ve given me! How can I ever thank you? How can I ever repay you? I don’t deserve such a gift. It’s so awesome.”

“Yes, it is truly wonder-full.” I heard her say. “And yet, it’s not without difficulty. It’s bittersweet, like a lemon drop. It’s filled with bitterness and sweetness. It’s an educational toy, something to play and work with. You can thank me by using it, being creative with it, growing with it, enjoying it and by giving it away.. In fact, the more you work with it, play with it, create with it and give of it the more you will have of it. It’s a very unique gift and you are correct that you don’t deserve it and you could never earn it and yet, we want you to have it and enjoy it. You can repay us by taking it, cooperating with it, cherishing it, nurturing and respecting it and always help to create more of it. Stay in touch with us and we’ll help you.”

“This sounds like a lot of fun and also a little scary. Is there anything else I should know about this strange, wonderful and unique gift?” I responded.

“Yes, just one more thing. Never fear it. No matter what happens you must always trust that it loves you, cares for you and will teach you everything you need to know. Remember to remember to give it a lot of lovingkindness, gentle joyfulness and peaceful attention. Be open to it and embrace it no matter what. The more you care for it the better it will become.”

“Well OK, if you say so and by the way, what do you call this gift?”

“We call it,” she paused for a very long time and with a deep sigh said, “We call it Life . . .”

  • Stop here and breathe in the profound nature of your Life and the Life that’s all around you. Become aware of how you’re following the directives given to use this gift of Life. Savor the bitterness and sweetness that has come and give thanks in every breath. How thankful are you? How much complaint are you registering? How much have you learned about this gift? How has it served you? How are you serving it
  • Become peacefully attentive to the lovingkindness that is here for you. . . Breathe into the gentle tranquility that cradles you as you surrender to it. . . Move your attention to your heart and allow it to smile at all your joys and sorrows. Feel the healing energy of your smiling heart as you bring new Life to it. How much are you receiving this abundant Life and giving it away?
  • In this awareness meditation look over your Life and give attention to all the bitterness that Life has brought through you. Now move on and give attention to all the sweetness that Life has brought through you beyond the bitterness. How often can you give thanks for all of it? What kind of Life have you crafted through the bittersweet nature of Life? How are you moving toward a more joyful and abundant Life? Focus on the sweetness and draw it in with each breath here today. Find new ways to Cherish it. . . Get more in touch with the help that’s always here within you, around you and flowing through you. Embrace Life. . . It’s Your Gift. . .

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