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It’s up to YOU!

Jun 6, 2018 | Awareness | 0 comments

The paradox is that we do lose heart because we’re almost always looking at the seen and are totally out of touch with the unconscious unseen mysteries that beckon us. We’re so captivated by our own stories that there’s hardly room for the cosmos, awareness beyond the five senses, possibilities and potentialities that are waiting for us to ‘wake up.’ Unfortunately, we all think we’re awake but what we focus on is only the outer shell of what’s ultimately real, infinite and eternal. We’re lost in our own stories.

How often do you look for the things that are unseen? Do you remember the dreams that come in your sleep every night? What forms of prayer, meditation and contemplation do you engage on a regular ongoing basis? What forms of art do you work/play with daily? Do you know your unconscious mind is not conscious to you unless you step back and observe what arises from this shadowy space? The practice of ‘self observation’ and its partner ‘Self Remembering’  are the everyday tools for waking up!

The things that are unseen, unheard and unconscious to us are those things that can lift us up and take us down. They are the hidden hurts, sufferings, passions, wants, desires and imaginations of our individual and collective unconscious. They start with “I want what I want when I want it.” They continue with “You can’t have it because you’re not good enough, bright enough, strong enough, cool enough, perfect enough. You’re just not enough. ” How has this message impacted your life? Is it still here?

The ego personality is all about itself. It always has ulterior motives for what it does. It can’t be trusted because it’s always pushing it’s own agendas. Don’t take my word for it, simply give attention to the chatter in your head. When faced with decisions, listen and observe your own interior conversations. Are they patient, affirming, optimistic, compassionate, appreciative and understanding for the highest good? Is there empathy, selfless love and caring with no selfish ulterior motives; or is there disagreement, judgement and antagonism, always seeking to win and not caring that others lose?

Here we begin the journey of self awareness through self observation. It’s an essential ingredient for waking up and co-evolving our conscious and unconscious selves. Add to this ‘Self Remembering’. (I’ve capitalized this because it refers to the True, Ineffable Self that lives in, around and flows through you and the whole of creation.) It’s what’s been called Soul, Presence, Holon, God, Cosmic Christ, Spirit, Entelechy, Implicate Order, Allah, Field, Big Mind and on and on. It’s the Ineffable Consciousness of Life.

It’s the opposite of the small self and yet is related to it. Self Remembering connects us to the receptive part of who we are. It’s the all inclusive Self that affirms, encourages, inspires, accepts, forgives, understands, loves, transfigures, enjoys, illuminates, and brings peace and prosperity at levels the ego mind can’t compute. It’s our connecting link with the Ultimate Ineffable Self that’s All in all. When we get quiet enough, for long enough, like still water running deep, we awaken to this ever present realm of Being.

Through ‘self observation’ and ‘Self Remembering’ we become much more self aware which facilitates transcending our egotistical propensities while also including and slowly transforming them. From this ongoing practice, we start individuating, becoming more awake and aware of the unconditional love that permeates the universe and flows as Source energy. It’s awakening a new consciousness with a new cosmology that’s assisting the  global transition we’re now in and will continue in for decades to come.

It recognizes that Unconditional Love, Compassion, Reverence, Joy, Serenity, Peace and Illumination infuse the whole of creation; always has and always will. It shifts our awareness, our consciousness from separation, alienation and disconnection to inclusion, appreciation and interconnectivity. If this resonates with you, take on the practice of self observation, observe the process of what you hide, repress and deny. Look at your judgements, your fight, your anger, sadness, fears and let go repeatedly.

Practice Self Remembering. Become more and more aware of who you Truly are. Transcend, include and embrace all of it. See the Beauty. Listen to the quiet, to the soft gentle and hard powerful winds that blow where they will. Feel the currents within drawing you on. Focus on the Boundless Base of Being that’s within you. Relax as an ongoing practice. Release all that holds you captive. Realign with Self and Rejoice in the wonder that reverence can bring. Look for the energy of Love and Life wherever you are. Embrace the Whole.  Don’t lose Heart. Look for the unseen. It’s up to YOU.

  • The short story is that the unseen, ineffable and eternal are ever present in our non calculating mind, in our creative artistic right hemisphere of the brain as well as in our invisible and informing soul and sacred heart. None of this language is it, so simply quiet your mind, enjoy the sounds of silence and experience the serenity.
  • Try an experiment today: see if you can sit silently for twenty minutes and observe the many voices directing you to everything but this………Then remember the stillness and quiet behind all these voices. Discover the True Self behind all the shoulds, should nots, oughts, ought nots and breathe in sweet serenity for awhile. . .
  • Sing this song to whatever tune comes to you: Like a ship in a harbor….Like a mother and child…Like a light in the darkness…I’ll hold you awhile…We’ll rock on the water… I’ll cradle you deep…And I’ll hold you while angel awaken your sleep. . . . . 


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