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Into the Depths

Mar 13, 2017 | Awareness | 0 comments

When was the last time you met a person, place or situation at a depth that was significantly deeper than your ordinary day to day experience? How was it that you opened up to it? What were the circumstances, the triggers that opened you to the deeper experience? How different did you feel in this place of depth within?

We all have an inner life but many of us get caught on the surface much of the time and miss the openings that are present. It’s only when we open our hearts and minds that we can experience the Essence of life flowing in, around, and through us. Why do we choose the surface and resist the depths? Are these conscious decisions?

As I reflect on these questions I notice that there’s a subtle inner pull within that invites us into the depths of Being. There’s also a more physical pull from without that invites us onto the surface life of Doing. The inner pull is more passive and inviting while the outer pull is more active and demanding.  Guess which one get’s more attention.

In so many ways we’re trained to respond more to the active and demanding prompts. Eventually they dominate our attention and we lose contact with the inner realm of Essence: we lose the awareness of our inner life. To see and experience depth we must open deeply but most of us were never taught to engage this inner awareness.

Even our religious institutions let go of the deep inner practices for the more surface outer rites, rituals, doctrines, dogmas and practices. Now, however we’re living in a time of massive transition which is calling us all to remember and reconnect deeply with our inner life, Inner Being. We’re being called to notice how cut off and out of touch we are with one another and the rest of creation. It’s a call to open the eyes of the heart.

  • Sit for a moment with the reality of this inner life, this reality of Inner Being. Relax for a moment and let go of the stress in your neck and shoulders. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Close your eyes and drift awhile in the spaciousness of the moment.
  • Feel the beat of your heart, the pulse of your inner life nurturing and sustaining your every thought and action. Feel the rhythm of this movement within and make it a practice to come home here three, four, ten times a day. Begin the practice of making friends with your Inner Being. Feel the subtle and causal energy flowing in the depths.
  • When you finish reading this, close your eyes and simply be still for a time. There’s nowhere to go, nothing to do. Simply be here and bask in the wonder of the Inner You. Be still and know this space called Home. Inner Sanctuary, Inner Being, Inner Peace: All ways here, flowing through. Enlivening and continually making everything new.


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