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As I continue to engage the Olympics being played out in Rio I find myself being inspired by the athletes, coaches and families of the participants. I’m touched by their dedication, intentions, hopes, dreams, optimism and willingness to be present with their inner gold as they strive to do their best no matter what. How many times in your life have you had a passion that drew out your inner gold? How often have you been inspired to discover the secrets of your guiding star?

As one who’s into the fourth quarter of life I’ve come to realize that it’s not how big a splash you make in the world of achievement but how big your heart is. The heart is deeply connected to love which inspires action and a willingness to grow beyond where you are. It’s an optimism that draws you into uncharted lands within your Large Essential Self as well as uncharted lands beyond your small ego self. Love is not an action you do. Love is what and who you are.

The inspiration and meaning that calls you to greatness comes from the deep love that dwells in your Essence. It exists inside you and is greater than you. It’s the very soul of who you really are. It creates a sense of abundance and more-than-enough-ness which allows you to move beyond the limitations placed on you by your ego self and that which tries to hold you back and take you down. This heart Love is inexhaustible. It’s the pulse of Life that grows everything.

I wonder at the amazing inspiration, optimism and love the athletes in the Olympics exude. I wonder at the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual discipline they tap into and exert over the years it takes to participate at their highest levels. I wonder what happens when injuries and aging take their toll. Does the same inspiration, meaning and love that took them to the heights get redirected or dissipated? Do they continue to say ‘Yes’ to the challenges in Life?

“What does this have to do with me?” You might ask. “Everything.” I’d answer. You see, these Olympians are living testimonies to who we all are. They act out the power of the human spirit on the global stage to show us who we are at our core. They point to the magnificence of each one of us and to the potentialities and possibilities that are achievable. They show us how big the human heart is and what can be accomplished with inspiration, optimism and love.

So, here we are again in our own little bubbles wondering how we can make a difference. How can we stand on the podium of Life and show our gold to the world? Take a moment to look into your heart and see what comes up. It may look like writing a blog, caring for a loved one, smiling at a stranger, encouraging a child or stepping into a cause you’re passionate about. It’s simply caring or ‘giving your heart’ to someone or something just because that’s who you are.

We’re all different and all the same. We’re human/divine Beings with more possibilities and potentialities than any of us can imagine. What are you willing to give your heart to? How much intention and attention are you willing to give to what’s meaningful for you and the world? What constraints, walls, and barriers are you willing to take down to sail into your heart’s song?

  • Sit for awhile with what you ‘care about.’ Then sit with what you’re willing to ‘give your heart to.’ What difference does this shift to the heart make for you? What’s the feeling it evokes?
  • Where’s the music between the notes of your life that inspires you? Go there and breathe it in.

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