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Have you ever thought that in some strange way you were born inspired by the mystery and wonder of Life? Have you ever wondered how it is that children seem to have this unrelenting curiosity and enthusiasm for life that somewhere along the line turns into withdrawal and indifference? What drives you or pulls you along in life? Is it inspiration, intention, tears, laughter, joy, sorrow or do you simply gravitate to what shows up and settle there for awhile?

I’ve known lots of people who’ve lived from all these positions. There’s the drive or push that comes with intention, the pull or call that comes with inspiration and the whatever that comes with indifference. Each of these ways of living speaks to how we think or sense life is to be for us. Each has to do with how we were programmed and conditioned from before, during and after we were born on Earth. Each has to do with who we think we are and who we truly are.

For decades I’ve been fascinated by people who think they know where they’re going after they leave their bodies, die, yet have never given a thought to where they came from before they were born. Where have you come from? Where are you going? Why are you here? Who are you really? These four questions are usually answered with references to geography, career, circumstances and confusion; all finite and material. Could they also be infinite and spiritual?

When I was growing up, I had no insight into any of these questions/answers. I accepted what I was taught by my family, school, church and small town community. I was conditioned just like everyone else who got taught their ‘group think‘. It wasn’t until my fourth year of college that I ‘woke up’ and started wondering again. My indifference turned to intention and eventually into inspiration. My life radically changed as I regained my wonderment of Life’s inner knowing.

Indifference is a form of sleep. The imagination and creativity of the child shuts down because of the fear and wounding that comes in the ‘growing up’ process. We hide, repress and deny our creative genius and uniqueness to fit in, be accepted and not get wounded again. We learn the conditions of the ‘not enough’ or ‘just enough’ games and begin to live the lie of who we’re not. By our teens, we’ve forgotten who we truly are and chase after false relations and conditions.

This is where we find intention. From our early learning we figure out what we can get and how we can get it. We find something that’s acceptable in whatever circle we travel in and ‘go for it‘ to become somebody. It’s usually not our calling or mission but it buys us some solace and strength so it’s acceptable. Since we’ve forgotten our Essence and True Identity it will do, even though in our heart of hearts we know better. We start seeking ‘stuff‘ to fill our emptiness.

Somewhere along life’s line we again ‘wake up’ to who we truly are. We get inspired by a piece of music, a deep love, a great loss, the birth of a child, a fulfilling creation and a thousand other heartfelt events. No longer constrained by our false beliefs, we awaken to our True Self, our calling, our creativity, our highest purpose. Inspiration is the ‘breath’ of new life, the letting go of limitations and opening to new possibilities. The Who that is You is waiting. Breathe It In…

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