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What do you suspect would happen if we’d all free ourselves from our “get serious” mindsets? Could we encounter new energies and new interests; maybe even new companions and experiences? What would greater clarity, calmness and tranquility do for you? How would more open mindedness and lightheartedness work in your day to day life? What keeps you strapped in the harness of  duty, obligation, and seriousness?

In my year long hiatus from the daily schedules of work, expectations, should’s, musts, oughts, and have to’s, I’ve discovered that compelling ideas come slowly. They come within a clear, tranquil and unhurried environment.  It seems the slower the ideas come, the greater the depth and breadth they come from. There’s a certain kind of freedom and lightheartedness in this type of lifestyle that few find in the frantic pace of go go go.

Is the pace of your life spinning you out and away from your creativity, your inner gyroscope that allows you to stay centered, alive and joyful? Do you sense that you’re overcommitted, overtired, overworked and somewhat enslaved? Do you take the necessary time for solitude, silence, contemplation and companionship to forge some genuine and deep original creativity? How much of your day do allow for free time and play? Would you be willing to entertain it?

If you’re like me, you were programmed to work hard and long. You were conditioned to put others first and yourself last. Can we learn anything from the airlines that tell us in case of an emergency, to put our oxygen masks on first before putting them on our children? In my life’s vocation and career I burned out more than once because I bought into the frantic business of sixty hour workweeks and not caring for my inner needs. I didn’t think I needed the oxygen.

As we tune into our inner intuition and authentic Self, we begin to recognize the lie that we’re living by not putting our ‘heart into our art’. What is our art? The greatest art is the Art of our Lives which requires quiet inner prayer, study, service and play. To balance these four activities is the true work of Art that creates great love, joy, peace and prosperity. Do you sense this to be true from your experience? Are you living it? Are you longing for it? Build it slow and surely.

It’s easy for me to ask these questions because I’ve made all the mis-takes you’ve made. I’ve played the game and keep being tempted to stay that course. I’ve learned the hurry up offense, that more is better and freedom requires competition rather than cooperation. I’ve also learned what the cost is for this kind of life and am learning to take my time, to go slowly, lovingly, joyfully and peacefully. Do you know these experiences? They’re always here for you.

I’ve also been singing Donovan’s song for over forty years and it’s finally sinking in. To live life free is to live at a higher level of consciousness, to see with an open heart and know that simple things are holy. I’ve learned that ‘little by little we accomplish much’ and that it takes a lifetime to ‘wake up’ to what’s real and what’s illusion. I pray you’ll live life more free, that you’ll start taking more time, go more slowly, do fewer things and do them well: Live Life  Artfully . . .

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