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Have you acquainted yourself with an inner voice called the Wonderer? It’s that part of you that has kept open the capacity for awe, wonder, and mystery. It explores the possibilities and potentialities, doesn’t cling to anything, and never gives up wondering. It wonders why you’re so afraid of venturing into new unknown territories within and without. It wonders why you won’t listen to its wonderments.

What kind of changes would you be willing to make if you listened to your Wonderer? Where would you go if you wondered about packing up and moving on? How would you be if you spent more time with your Wonderer? What do you wonder?

I wonder who I’d be if I hadn’t listened to my Wonderer. I wonder if I would have moved to Colorado if I hadn’t wondered what the Rocky Mountains were like when I was twenty-four years old. I wonder about the next big change in my life, the first day of spring, the pain in my back. Much of the time I refuse to listen to the voice of my Wonderer. I wonder why? Am I afraid of what might be brought up? Do I sense that the questions might be too difficult, too challenging. I wonder. Hmm.

Today I’m listening and the Wonderer wonders what you’re wondering. Are you listening to this voice? Are you wondering why you’re reading this post. What’s at risk for you to wonder about it? I wonder who you are. I wonder what you’re passionate about. I wonder when you’re going to tell me to go fly a kite or take a hike. I wonder where you spend most of your time and on what. I wonder why you’re here. I wonder how you live your life and if you’re enjoying it. I wonder if you wonder who you are, where you’ve come from, and why you’re here. I wonder if it makes any difference.

I’m going to put my Wonderer to bed so we can wonder in our dreams. Tomorrow, which is today, I’ll wonder why I listened to the Wonderer when he challenged me to write this blog. Then I’ll wonder about universal guidance and prosperity and ask you to find something to wonder about, write it down, ponder it, seek out the possibilities, and talk with a friend about it to see what they wonder.

Maybe if we did more wondering we’d come up with better ways to be and do. I wonder what our grandchildren will be wondering about. Oh, and I wonder if wonder and not knowing really are the beginning of Wisdom? How wonder-full life is when we wonder!Thank you Wonderer. Let’s stay in touch. I wonder if . . .

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