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Do you recognize that everyone and everything around you is your teacher? Do you also realize that most of your beliefs and behaviors come from your past unconscious programming which basically runs your life? Do you ever wonder why you get so upset when someone says or does something that doesn’t ‘sit right’ with you? Do you know what makes some people calm and collected and others anxious and scattered? How aware are you of your unconsciousness?

From the time we’re formed in the womb, every thought, emotion, impression and action of our birth mother registers unconsciously within us. The very first friendly and hostile environment we experience as human beings is in the womb. It begins the programming that shapes who we think we are.The more conscious we become of this programming, the more possibilities we have to transcend and include it.  A conscious connection to Divine energy opens this door.

The quantum perspective has revealed that the Universe is ‘one indivisible, dynamic whole in which energy and matter are so deeply entangled that it’s impossible to consider them as independent elements.’ Once we realize this complex interaction, we can begin to see how each of us is profoundly influenced by our environments and begin a reprogramming and realignment process. This involves waking up to who we truly are and shifting our energy.

Energy is information to biological systems. We call it ‘good vibes’ and ‘bad vibes’; that which causes resonance and dissonance. Mostly we don’t pay much or any attention to these  energies because we weren’t taught to. Take a moment to reflect on some situation you found yourself in where you had a negative impression about a person, place, situation, or thing. How did you respond to it? What action did you take? Were your aware of the internal causes?

What I’m saying is that our bodies and all that they include are biological systems that are affected and made up of unseen interconnected energies. To be unconscious of these energies is to negate who we are, disconnecting us from the unseen essence of the high vibrational energy we call Spirit. When this ‘Spirit energy’ becomes flesh it receives all the lower level energies which we unconsciously act out. To evolve beyond them requires awareness.

Waking up to ‘What Is’ requires experience and teaching about the vibratory nature of matter and energy. Go to an event in your mind where you were really angry or sad or filled with fear. Find that situation and drop deeply into the emotion, feel the intensity of it’s energy. . . . . . . . Now, shake it off and imagine being loved, held, comforted, accepted, appreciated and nurtured. . . . . . Feel the intensity of this energy. . . . . . . . . . Notice the difference. . . . . . . . .

Each of us is made in the image of our environment which is the Universe/God, here and now. We are all part of what we create, co-creators. We forget this to our own peril. The big story of evolution is ascension to higher awareness. It’s to know we are Divine energy called to operate beyond survival of the fittest; to co-create environments with higher frequencies of cooperation, coevolution and collaboration. Survival of the most loving is our mission. Feel this Vibration. Breathe it in. Bring it with you always and everywhere. Be Still and Know, this is Who We Are!

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