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Have you learned to see beyond appearances? Have you cultivated faith and trust that there’s something larger and greater than what you know? Do you have a deep and abiding belief in your work and its significance beyond the world’s acceptance and rejection? Is there Something calling you into a new way of being and doing? Are you aware of your busyness and your inability to stop, look, and listen for the big picture?

We live in a culture that doesn’t reward ‘stepping back.‘ What do I mean by that? Stepping back is turning off the mechanistic ways we live and move and have our being. It’s turning off the phone for awhile, stepping away from the computer, the chat and chatter. It’s disengaging from the distractions that keep us tied to the herd mentality and imprisoned in artificial environments. It’s about expanding your consciousness.

In our personal and professional lives it’s extremely beneficial to stop, look, and listen to what’s going on beyond our culturally created distractions. Cultivating the inner gardens of our being with solitude and silence, stepping back from the fray, and entering into the sanctuaries of nature and inner being are ways to connect with Essence. Do you find this to be important or not so much? Your answer is in your practice. Really . . .

Like fruit trees, we are created to blossom and bear fruit. Sometimes, however, the frost comes when the blossoms are tender and creates a failed harvest. The tree bears the loss and apparent outward halt but takes the long view of the next season and the possibility of another harvest. It bathes in the sun, the rain, keeps growing and readies for the next season. It steps back to step forward. Have you learned how to do this?

As part of the creative process we must be true to our own nature, our own path, our own work, and our own calling. This means ‘stepping back’ from your cultural conditioning and becoming something uniquely you. Whatever you think you’ve missed or will miss by traveling the road less traveled you will gain ten fold because you have followed your inner calling, your inner being, your amazingly wonderful inner Self.

I encourage you to protect your innocence. Turn off the many noise machines in your life and cultivate your inner garden. Create an inner sanctuary where you can listen to the wind, the rain, the distant cries of the suffering, and the silent pulse of Life coursing through your veins. Work from a spirit of service to achieve Life’s abundance and aliveness. Receive and give from the calm oasis of beauty and serenity within.

Stepping back is gaining new perspectives on your life and what you’re here to be and do. It offers a pause in the everyday running around to let you breathe, receive, and achieve. It’s the refresh button that helps you experience Presence and inner knowing. Practice and persistence create progress. How good are you at stepping back? Hmm.

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