When we come into this earth plane as infants, there’s a spacial awareness of our environment and an undeveloped yet vast consciousness that rapidly grows. Everything is an interconnected mystery but we’re not aware of our awareness. As we grow, we move increasingly from the open infinite consciousness to the more restrictive finite consciousness of form. Over identification with our cultural conditioning and materialistic environment discounts the awareness of our inner realms. We forget who we are.

Eventually our right mind is suppressed. The infinite IAM is supplanted with the insecurity of the finite ‘iam’. Fear overshadows us. Rather than working from the inside out, we learn to work from the outside in. We learn to follow the rules, become a mechanical tool that jerks reactively to anything that challenges the opinions and beliefs we have come to identify with. Fear replaces love as our primary motivator.

Meanwhile the IAM, Infinite Self within that’s ever present, simple waits, sends messages in a variety of forms, and stands by, ready and willing to help in any possible way. The overarching mission of conscious evolution gets lost and the life of external push, pull, oppression, disconnection, alienation, arrogance, pain, and suffering begins.

At some point along the journey we wake up and wonder why life is such a struggle. We begin to sense something within that feels different. We start paying attention to it or start working harder, let our energy drop, get sick, or numb out with a variety of different substances and distractions. As we continue to be unaware of our mechanical life that’s upside down and out of touch with our infinite reality, we suffer an unfulfilled life.

How aware are you of what’s going on inside you? How much effort are you giving to self observation and Self Remembering? Are you still trying to push and drive yourself into an affluent and abundant life? How aware are you that affluence is about flow, an awareness of the abundant life energy that’s in, around, and flowing through you? Do you know that thoughts create things and your thoughts are creating your life right now?

Are you going through life with fixed ideas that don’t change and don’t work? Are you identified with the finite ‘me’, your tribe, your body, your possessions, your looks, your opinions, your beliefs, and your attitudes? Who would you be without these thoughts? Who would you be with a new awareness of the Who that is You? Could it be that you are more than all this; that you are love, light, peace, and prosperity? Who would you be with these thoughts? IAm love. IAm light. IAm peace. IAm prosperity. Remember?

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