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Albert Einstein once said: “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” Life’s mystery invites our imaginations into the furthest reaches of inner and outer space. Here we’re inspired to see the past and future converge into the present moment. The best of what has been connects with the best of what can be to create the wonder and wisdom of the moment. This exercise inspires us to see that anything is possible. Are you living as if this were true?

Years ago a mystical theology professor stated that “God is a Code Word for what is ultimately meaningful and mysterious in life.” What shows up in your day to day experiences that brings mystery and meaning to your life? Could it be that our imaginations actually create what we call reality? Could it be that the creations we see as ordinary are also extraordinary? Is it possible that we’ve all been co-creators from before we were born and have forgotten it?

What I’ve come to know is that what we call ‘God’ is an ever present creative energy. This Oneness, Source or Inner Being revels in creating infinite diversity out of Unity. When we’re in alignment with this ‘Source Energy’ we too become creative in a myriad of ways. Observe young children as they create amazement out of nothing. Notice the imaginative activities, stories and inventions they create with delight and abandon. Now, imagine that for yourself.

Each person born into this sphere of influence comes from the Infinite to play in this world of form. Each brings unique gifts to be enhanced, played with and given away. Each comes to be a co-creator with the Great Creating. Each also becomes fascinated with what’s been created and forgets that they/we too are co-creators with the One in many. In our forgetfulness we stop creating for the fun of it and work to maintain ‘what is’ rather than create what can be.

In this scenario, play turns to work that somehow demands that we earn our way back into favor with the Creator rather than co-create as designed. We create false selves, false expectations, and false thoughts that separate and divide rather than unite and bridge. We imagine scarcity rather than abundance and create the disconnections that turn us against ourselves, each other and the whole of creation. Our imaginations turn dark as our inner light dims.

This ‘dumbing down’ leads to fear, anxiety, depression, anger, apathy and all the rest of the maladies that infect our souls. The antidote is to ‘Remember to Remember’ who you truly are.  Spark your imagination and perceive the glory of your Original Self. Ask for your heart’s desires and become receptive to the wealth of Source Energy that is flowing in, around and through You. Know in the depth of your heart of hearts that you are love, you are special, you are infinite, you are blessed to be a blessing.

Stop and drop into your imagination. See the wonder of who you are in spirit and flesh. See the radiant glory of your Original Self and feel the creativity flowing in, around, and through you. Feel the Silent Pulse of Life, Light, and Love pulsing through your body and sense the lightness and joy in your soul. Imagine your childlikeness, your co-creative wealth and inner wisdom. Imagine the unconditional love you’re receiving and your boundlessness. Imagine the vastness of the mystery and meaning that is you, me, we, thee, flowing freely in co-creativity. Imagine…

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