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Heart Paths

Nov 27, 2017 | Heart | 0 comments

How many people do you know, including yourself, who are on a path with a Heart? On the other hand, how many people do you know who are on paths that were primarily directed by social and cultural conditioning; money, status, convenience, need or something other than Heart? For most, any path is much the same as any another path. Some paths go straight while others wind around and still others dead end. The only real difference between paths is that some have a Heart while many do not.

The paths with a Heart are uplifting. They ease your burdens and bring you joy. They inspire and bring purpose, creativity to employ. They nurture to appreciate the wonder of abundant life. The paths with no Heart cause you to stumble and bring you strife. They break your heart which grows you cold and fills your life with deadly mold. They enslave your mind and break you down, unworthy futility, no life abounds. Nothing to share, time to beware, invariably caught in the jailers snare.

What’s your view of the world? Does it include freedom from social conditioning, freedom to choose a path with Heart or does it involve the programming that makes you a slave, a disposable part? Do you see through the institutions that keep you from creative profusions? Are you awake to the subtle oppression that keeps you stuck in dysfunctional depression? Do you feel the exploitation of excessive intrusion that keeps you glued to the fusion of exclusion/ confusion?

Check out the hook, take an in depth look at your daily play book. It’s the fourth quarter and we’ve fumbled the ball. The pirates have landed and they’re making a haul. The latest inventions  are running our lives. Instead of transforming they’re creating more lies. How long do we wait for the next great crash that turns money to misery and icebergs to gas? Is more control, destruction and heartless paths leading with Folly at the head of the class? Are we buying addictive pleasures, so called necessary treasures that tear us apart, that defy and destroy the paths with a Heart?

How much warmth and love can a new smart phone or video game bring? How many  games of war virtually create the real thing? How many people need to be terrorized,  conned, exploited and excluded, before we awaken to where this behavior is rooted? How much have you bought and thought you might have blundered? How much have you wondered if maybe you’ve been plundered? What can we do to discover the new?  Could asking “Does this path have a heart?” be the clue to show us the new?

It’s time to awaken Love that comes from the Heart; to accept ourselves and others would be a great start. To reverence the wonder of Life wherever we are, could possibly be our bright guiding star. Through this special view from deep within, we  get out of our prisons by learning Love again. Take a deep dive and feel the warmth of your Heart inviting a new role, taking on a new part. Acknowledge your gifts, give them away. The path of your Heart will show you the way.

  • Open yourself to the possibilities within that you’ve hidden, repressed and denied because of what you’ve been conditioned to believe. Find the courage within to release all that holds you hostage and receive all that wants to grow your aliveness.
  • Work and play with freedom beyond social conditioning to follow your path with a Heart. Allow this freedom to access any loving view of the world you may choose and above all, live with the creative freedom to enjoy Life and the learning experiences it brings you. . . .
  • Your true destiny lives within you on a path with a Heart. Feel the tugs, the pulls, the nudges that draw you on and off the path. Feel the coolness and warmth, the resistance and receptivity, the tiredness and aliveness, the enthusiasm and apathy. Trust the Truth of your Heart. It’s an ever present guide and it’s time to start . . . .


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