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Healing and Wholeness

May 23, 2018 | Awakening | 1 comment

There are lots of people who will disagree that healing, health, holiness and wholeness mean inclusiveness. Looking at the separations and divisions in our world over time  makes me wonder how long it will take for us as a global community to realize that we truly are one people with one source, one blood, one breath and one destiny. Years ago while going through another crisis of consciousness I awakened to the reality that “We all go together or we don’t go at all.” Our interconnectivity seals the deal.

In the depths of every psycho-spiritual tradition is the understanding and teaching  that we all come from the same Source which is called by many names. Our global history however seemingly indicates that honoring our diversity and respecting the dignity of every human being is a minority position as the wars within and without rage on. The place to stop these wars is in the hearts of all people throughout the world and it begins with you and me which together creates a wholeness beyond duality. . . .

In recognizing my part to play in this cosmic drama I ask myself:Why do I not befriend my lessor parts and bring loving companion presence to them? What keeps me from healing my injured and unacceptable selves? Wouldn’t compassionately including them help me include those in others? What shadows am I projecting on others that I could include, reconcile and transmute within me? What in wholeness can I reverence, reclaim and enhance within?” This is the work of changing the world by changing ourselves. It’s owning our imperfections so they may be gifts of healing and wholeness.

There is only one place to go, one foundation for this transmutation from alienation and disconnection to healing and wholeness for us as individuals and as a collective community. This foundation is boundless unconditional Love supported by patient peaceful Presence and releasing anxieties around imperfections. We all thrive as we let go of the aggressive judgmental energies that rule our lives to let come the peaceful easy feelings of harmony, all being, inclusiveness, possibilities and potentialities.

If this seems impossible, you aren’t doing your work of honoring all your inner parts. You still have your ‘lessor’ parts locked in a dungeon that was created for you by the cultural conditioning you received from birth through today. Do you think those who  terrorize people all around the planet were born that way? Do we bother to listen to or understand their/our stories of shame, despair, grief, fear, humiliation, abandonment, enslavement, aggression and destruction experienced as children and adolescents?

When we remember that there’s no light without shadows and no psychic wholeness without imperfections, we begin to change our cultures. When we begin to share our light and darkness, good and bad become shared gifts to awaken us to do our inner work and help others with theirs. When we fail to see ‘their’ shadows as ‘our’ shadows we go to war with them as the unknown wars rage on within. Isn’t it time we awaken to our own culpability, our own shadows/imperfections and liberate the prisoners within and without? Isn’t it time to stop projecting and start healing ourselves and one another?

There’s no use in hiding, repressing and denying our imperfections and projecting them onto others. It only multiplies the problems rather than transforming them. Wholeness does not mean perfection; it means owning and embracing brokenness in ourselves and others as an integral part of life, reconciling our dis-eases and coming to new healing understandings of our place in the conscious circle of humanity. Wholeness calls us to wake up and to play our healing part in the great symphony of common unity.

  • As you reflect on what’s being said here, take an inquiring look into your so called Notice how you hide, repress and deny the shadow parts that could be transformed into mirrors of gold for healing and wholeness. . . .
  • When you find yourself in judgement toward others, Stop, slow way down and see how it may be a projection from your own inner imperfections. Note how this was projected on you in the past and how you haven’t healed and let it go. . . .
  • When you feel broken, notice how things come to feed your brokenness. Contrast this with your feelings of wholeness. When you feel whole, notice how things come to feed and enhance your healing and wholeness. Spend significant time and energy each day focusing on feeling your wholeness. It will attract more Wholeness. . . .
  • Sit back after reading this. Close your eyes, drop your shoulders and relax your body. Breathe long deep breaths. Envision a gentle glow within your body. Breathe out all anxiety, all fear, all grief and regret. Put your hands together and go with the flow of your pulse, the river of life moving through you. Feel the holiness of this calm healing energy. Stay with it and come Home here throughout your day. Allow this lovingness to inform you, calm you, heal you, nurture you, forgive you, affirm and inspire you. . . . 

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