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We live in a world of rhythms and cycles. In the cycle of winter we wonder if spring will ever come. It always does. In the rhythm of gain and loss we lament the loss only to find out that gain follows when we’re open to it. Everything is impermanent, it comes and goes, ebbs and flows; when and how, nobody knows. Each day is a gift that one day will be spent. We can lament and celebrate it at the same time. It’s the way of this world.

Spiritual growth is seeing beyond what you know and trusting in the possibilities and potentialities of the primordial and immediate Source within all individuals and the collective. It’s seeing and growing beyond the difficulties and resistance of the moment into something that already Is and can Be. It’s recognizing that when we’re grounded in Being our doing counts for something. It’s embracing our wounds as teachers & friends.

When we lament the things we miss in life it’s difficult to see that which we have gained. As we become grateful for every experience, even the difficult ones, we can appreciate the gifts that have been given. When we focus on our accomplishments and value who we are beyond our wounds, we’re encouraged and inspired to continue. Creativity and flowering are recognized as major parts of the Who that is Truly You.

To gain in Life’s journey takes a long view. It allows detours and cultivates receptivity. It invites resilience and persistence in making a life that has meaning and purpose. The innocence of a child is maintained along with the radical awareness that you are way more than you appear to be and so is everything else. Can you own this move beyond appearances and discover the gain in it? Can you grow through your love and loss?

To grow beyond appearances begins with self awareness. You recognize the need for collaboration rather than competition, for expansion rather than constriction. Instead of  blocking receptivity to life’s cycles you open to them. Fear turns to love and transforms all action. Action become co-creative and loss becomes gain. Winning and losing cease to have meaning because something greater is gained  through an abiding Presence.

Find a calm oasis within yourself today that will help you see the beauty and goodness beyond appearances. Allow yourself to grow in this simple task of appreciation. It will reveal the amazing creativity beyond self-consciousness. It will help protect your inner innocence and open up new possibilities. It will help you see all of what you’ve co-created and have yet to create. It will help you grow beyond the external appearances of yourself and others. Are you willing to embrace your gain, again, again and again?

  • Sit quietly and reflect on one significant gain that came from a loss and give thanks.
  • Open your heart and breathe in the possibilities that are here for a new beginning.

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