One of the greatest difficulties in making transitions is Clarity of Purpose. Often, when we walk away from a career or relationship we’re not clear where we’re going, how we’re going to get there, or who we’re going with. It’s a move into the Xaler Zone. We find that we have to give up our certainty about almost everything. This is a scary space and why most of us settle for the safety and security of the known; why we stay stuck.

Over the past year I’ve opened myself to look at all the significant transitions I’ve made during the six decades of my life. I’ve looked at what led to them, the in between space I call the Xaler Zone, relax spelled backwards, and what they led to. I awakened   to discover that each leave taking, in between space, and new beginning always led to new challenges and possibilities. Eventually, I was also surprised by joy!

Each transition requires giving up many parts of who and what we think we are to become what we can be. You have the ability to learn lessons from the previous chapters of life and the teachings in the new beginnings. Being informs doing and when you’re aware of it, is part of your evolving pattern of Becoming. Herein lies the mystery.

To be willing to let go of who and what you think you are is a state of mind that asks you to take another step beyond what you think you know. It’s always a move into Not Knowing. In Not Knowing, course corrections can be made to progress into Wisdom. You can also go down a different rabbit hole and become a victim of your thoughts, habits, and false beliefs which cause regression. The choice is always yours.

The open secret is: What we think, we become. To become more of who we really are requires ongoing self observation. Here we learn to witness our thoughts, words, and actions to see what’s working and what’s not. We also learn to practice Self Remembering which connects us with our Essence, the Benevolent Something that’s always present and active even when we’re not aware of this Presence.

Making transitions from who we’ve been to who we’re becoming requires courage, patience, and a conscious awareness of the inner conflicting beliefs and commitments we cling to. It calls for a deep dive into the unknown in search of old patterns that block our progress. Transitions offer us a gate-less gate into the new as we let go of the old. It’s an emptying process, a cleansing process, a refreshing and rebooting process.

In Life, have you noticed that when you finally know what you want, really have clarity of purpose, that new power comes which opens all kinds of doors for you? Have you also noticed the opposite to be true when you lack clarity? As you step across your thresholds, be aware of what you’re letting go of and open to the gift of what’s here and on its way. Let Clarity, Purpose and Presence guide you. Give it up for your Becoming!

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