I woke up from a sleep the other day with the sense of feeling kinda funky. It sparked a thought about how many people strive for positive emotions, positive engagements, positive relations, positive meaning, and positive accomplishments. It also sparked the realization that we sometimes fail at these positive outcomes to find ourselves in foul weather where we shrink back or strike out. We find ourselves singing the blues.

Have you found yourself singing the blues lately? Has fear come to visit again? Did the last disappointment come with an unwanted depression attached to it? Do you find the days just drifting by without much accomplishment, energy, aliveness, and meaning? How long has it been since you created a random act of kindness for someone? When was the last time you felt alive and vibrant? What were you imagining, engaging then?

So much of the time we expect the outer world to provide our inner gyroscope with its headings. We want everything to go as we plan it; the timing, the sequence of events, the appropriate circumstances at the right time, the expected outcome as we envision it. We want to be the masters of our destiny. The we, however, that I’m talking about here isn’t really a we but a ME. It’s the part of ourselves that’s called the ego, the personality.

It’s not that the ego, personality, is bad, it’s that it’s self centered and out of touch with the Now of Life. It’s always thinking of the past and the future. It’s expecting everything to bow to it’s wishes and when it doesn’t, it gets upset and depending on the day, the set of circumstances, the anything, the weather report becomes bleak. Everything gets  funky. Strange, arguing with What Is, we only lose a hundred percent of the time.

Sit with this. . . How many of you love tornadoes, hurricanes, draughts, floods, and wild fires? Is it possible that they are a reflection of our collective turmoil? Is it possible that we’re co creators with these weather phenomena? Is it possible that what we think, we create, both unconsciously and consciously? If so, we have more work to do than we know. As an example, reflect on how one person can skew the emotions in a room.

The interconnectivity of the entire planetary field is a new awareness that we’re just beginning to understand. Take one positive comment and five negative comments. What will the energy in the room be? Now reverse the equation. Take five positive comments and one negative one, What now? This is a small example of the power of words, thoughts, attitudes, and ideas in the Field of Global Energy. We’re a part of it all.

So, the next time you get a bit funky, Stop, Look, and Listen for the positive possibilities, beauty, and well-being of all that is. Instead of shaking your head, send love instead. We’re each a unique part of Being, co-creating all that is. Imagine Peaceful Aliveness.

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